Monday, December 28, 2015

The Huntington Park Illegal Aliens on Facebook: Francisco Medina

I also found Francisco Medina's Facebook page.

He also has the usual gang of Huntington Park miscreants as friends

He's been very busy. What is he doing? He goes around the country preaching amnesty, apparently.

He does not even live in this country, and yet he routinely undermines our rule of law.

This is outrageous!

Here is his avatar on Facebook:

He wants to be President, too?! This ambitious, vain, preening arrogance is beyond sickening. It's dangerous.

So, Medina styles himself some kind of caudillo or fanciful leader? He could not answer any of my questions about his illegal appointment. He has run away from city council meetings. There has been no city commission meeting since his "appointment", just as the city council has not held commission hearings beforehand.

What else can we learn about Medina from his Facebook wall?

He did conduct a livescan, and I would submit in flagrant violation of state and federal law.

Medina's Livescan selfie

Here's the kind of car he drives. His ride looks much better than the ride for a lot of legal residents. Where does he get his money?
Medina spraypainting (his?) car

Here is another picture of Medina painting a car:
Another spraypainting job for Medina
Medina had a lot of time and resources on his hands. Yet he never bothered to become a legal resident.

Like Zatarain, Medina is not serving his community or this country, I cannot write that the United States is "his" country since one post showcases the Mexican flag. How can he expect to take an oath of office? He does not respect any rule of law. He refuses to integrate into the mores and customs of the United States.

What else was Medina doing, instead of becoming a legal  resident?

He was working, giving speeches (?) in Bridgeport, Connecticut. HUH?! The caption reads:

What a great and powerful speech to motivate my people and make a difference in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

"His people" -- Who does he think he is: Moses?!

Medina in Connecticut
He had time to visit the Statue of Liberty, and yet everything he does spits on liberty, the rule of law, and the equity of following the same standards as everyone else.

Medina in New York City
Here, he claims the importance of honesty and integrity in working with children. WHAT?! He is living in the country illegally, violating the rule of law, taking up a commission assignment which he has not right to.

"We can make the difference as long as we work hard and with honesty for the benefit of our children."

So,  I have to ask: where does this guy get all his money? He cannot pay for new cars and trips to Connecticut and New York on a car painter's pay. He was working on campaigns, when he is not even living in this country as a legal resident. He is breaking the law in more ways than one can county.

What service has he rendered? He is making the country he wants to call home all the worse, and is ruining the city he claims to serve.

It's time for Medina to go. He is a shameful man for exploiting the city of Huntington Park and spitting on the rule of law in this country.

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