Sunday, December 6, 2015

At Hilda Solis' Grand Opening - December 5th, 2015

LA Supervisor Hilda Solis is doing to become the mayor of the county.

This is awful. She has been a liberal thorn in everyone's side since election to the state assembly. After serving in Congress for a few terms, Obama appointed her Secretary of Labor.

She grew tired of that - as most people have grown weary of the Obama Administration - and stepped down to run for Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Now, she's running the Southeastern part of Los Angeles County, buying votes in the corrupted cities of Huntington Park as well as Cudahy and Bell.

I could not resist coming to her open house for her new field office. What does she plan on doing for the constituents in the region? She refuses to stump for the rule of law. Two illegals are sitting on city commissions. She has already had to cave to Sheriff Patrick O'Donnell, who has agreed to allow ICE back into LA County jails.

She is getting pushed from every angle. Instead of just lamenting who represents the district, more conservatives and freedom loving Americans need to rise up and throw her out.

Here are a few snapshots from the open house event, which closed up a key section of Zoe Ave:

One of the health desks
I did get some freebies, which was nice. One person snidely joked: "The taxpayers are paying for it."

How people in Huntington Park are taxpayers?

Huntington Park Vice Mayor Graciela Ortiz
Vice Mayor Graciela Ortiz spoke to the crowd. I had shouted at her, asking her why she was not doign the right thing by residents in Huntington Park. She needs to appoint legal residents to city commissions, and no one else.

Asm Reggie Sawyer (on the right)
Assembllyman Reggie Sawyer took the time to welcome the site, then ran off to attend a birthday party for an elderly relative. I tried to speak with him for a minute, but he was in a hurry. Sawyer represents a part of Huntington Park, and his help is just as important to bring legality, the rule of law and order back to the city. Where is he?

More to follow.

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