Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Big Signs at Huntington Park Meeting --- 12/01/2015

Deanne D'Lean created some very colorful and effective posters to expose the four corrupt members of the Huntington Parkl, CA City Council.

Here is the "Me Too, Gang" poster:

Me Too, Gang
Here are my posters blasting the entire corrupt crowd on or working with the Huntington Park city council:

"Puppet Master" -- "Fire Glasman"  -- "Recall Pineda"

I received an email -- and Linda Caraballo received texts -- from an active resident in the city who was watching the city council meeting from home:

arthur and linda

not sure if you will see this
if you are at the council meeting
but i am at home watching.
i see council in closed session but
the camera is still rolling so when you all
hold up signs it is going out to the city.
bunch of you were doing so.
should get the signs up

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