Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sandra Saw Jhonny in Maywood, CA!

Sandra Orozco, Southeast Political Activist, showed up at a local drug store to do some shopping.

Sandra Orozco, Southeast Political Activist

Guess whom she ran into?

I ran into Huntington Park City Councilmember Pineda at Rite-Aide in Maywood! Lol! One of Efren Martinez boy's! I slap him silly! Does he have a J-O-B to be at Rite-Aide? Told him he will go to jail like the Bell officials in 2010! 
--- Respectfully, Sandra Rivera Orozco - Southeast Political Activist

I LOVE this lady!

She knows how to talk tough and speak truth to power!

We need more people like that ready to confront miscreant corruption in their cities!

Keep up the great work, Sandra!

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