Monday, December 28, 2015

The Huntington Park Illegal Aliens on Facebook: Julian Zatarain

I have reported how the Huntington Park mayor Karina Macias has blocked me on Twitter. I also reported that her political puppet master Efren Martinez blocked me on Twitter, too.

Recently, I  found the Facebook pages for the two illegal aliens, Julian Zatarain and Francisco Medina.

What does Zatarain advertise on his Facebook page?

Julian Zatarin has arrogant aspirations of grandeur, convinced that his illegal stride into public commission status will be welcomed and praised without any hesitation.
Zatarain in the main lobby of Huntingoton Park City Hall
He thought wrong, and more people are protesting his illegal actions.

Shame on the Los Angeles Times for promoting this illegal action. It is no surprise to many of us who have protested and pressured the city council to do the right thing.

Now Zatarain's avatar is strange indeed:

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Does Zatarain fancy himself becoming President of the United States, too?! Unreal.

There is no other information on his Facebook wall. He does have Puppet Master Efren Martinez as a friend, however. Very disturbing.

Let's not forget that he could not answer any questions of mine with any seriousness. He explained that this country is a nation of laws, as if that justifies him breaking the law to reside in the country illegally and take up a commission seat in a municipality.

When does this insanity stop? These delusions of grandeur are coming to a close. Zatarain could not bear my interrogations, and he ran away from the cameras, refusing to explain why he insists on violating the rule of law in our country.

Let's state the obvious: Zatarain is not interested in contributing anything noteworthy or worthwhile to this nation. He merely wants to make himself a star, and throw this country under his feet in the process.

If he really wanted to serve this nation, he would respect our Constitution, our laws, our culture. Instead of imitating the crime and corruption of Mexico, he would embrace honesty and integrity. He would step down from the illegal, ill-gotten commission appointment, get back in line, become a legal resident, then seek a commission assignment.

He is not serving the city of Huntington Park. He is serving himself,; and hurting every legal resident and legal immigrant's chance a better life in this wonderful United States of America.

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