Sunday, December 6, 2015

Dave Miller for California District 11

Aaron Park of Placer County wrote a great article exposing Democratic Assemblyman Jim Frazier's desperate attempt to shore up support from veterans, yet tax them at the same time.

From "Right on Daily":

Jim Frazier is the Democrat Assembly-Member from AD11.
He recently touted AB935 – a bill that creates a new Veteran Driver’s License! Frazier, like any self-promoting and self-serving politician had a nice press conference where he nominated himself for sainthood talking about how tough it was to get the bill passed… blah blah blah…
But wait, there’s more! AB935 amounts to a veteran tax!
In California, even those who fought for this country get taxed. This is wrong.

After a careful Legislative Analysis, the Designation was deemed “non-mandatory” in its current state, but what Assemblyman Frazier failed to mention in his Press Conference is the $ 5.00 FEE to receive the designation, with the Agency (CA DMV) reserving the right to raise that fee to a figure as high as $15.00. Meaning, “if you want the designation, which you deserve, you’ll need to pay for it!!!”.

In my estimation, the introductory program amounts to a “PROMO CODE” Time Period where the State DMV will access the success of the program. At that point, if successful, they will unleash Section 14901.1 of the Vehicle and Traffic Code to raise the Veterans’ designation fee, to the FEE they wanted to charge all along, which is $15.00/veteran.

Our veterans deserve better, deserve more, and they deserve someone else representing them in Sacramento. Dave Miller is running for state assembly next year, and the fact that he knows so much baout legislation, and how Democrats in Sacramento try to tax and spend everything they can, should warm more people toward electing him nex tyear.

Park continues:

Now, isn’t that special. The California Democrats used veterans as a smokescreen for a tax increase.
Jim Frazier is a loser.

California Assembly District 11
Do not let the registrationo in AD-11 fool you. Democrats are voting Republican in unprecedented numbers in California. Johnny Tacherra of Central Valley is kicking up support and driving incumbent Jim Costa crazy. He nearly toppled the guy in 2014, and is looking primed and ready to win in 2016.

Dave Miller
Dave Miller

A little more about Dave Miller:

Miller retired from a 28-year career in social services finance and fraud investigation. In addition to working in New York political circles, Dave was active on the campaigns of former Governor and 2016 presidential candidate George Pataki, for the 12 years he was Governor of New York State.

And Miller's platform:
Cut my own personal salary and give that back money to hard working high school graduates in our district who excel in Math and Science. 
I will propose the first Electronic Legislature in the nation. Should drastically help California see relief in legislature costs, such as per diems, staff payroll, and greatly cripple the influence of special interests prior to a crucial vote.
Propose the California Sacred Trust Act. This amendment would greatly restore public confidence in how government operates in the future. Let’s remember we are one of the largest states in the “United States of America,” not the “Divided States of America” let’s set the standard.
Propose sweeping massive regulatory reform, including tangible prison reforms.
Get serious about our Water Crisis, but not with the current proposals being thrown around today, but with Desalination Plants up and down the coast, with the water storage to protect it.
Opposition to High Speed Rail. 
Improving the Business Climate in California. We were once the world’s 5th largest economy, we’ve dropped to 12th. 
Phased in Voter ID Program. Program phased in over four-year period. As a social service provider, I’ve seen what not having a photo ID can do for a person, it can keep them from doing simple things we take for granted like cashing a check or getting documents notarized. If, after four years, you haven’t applied, you must get a DMV license to conduct business.
Implement a two year vehicle registration cycle on all vehicles registered at DMV. Study the effects of how that impacts the work flow at the agency.”

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