Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nick Ioannidis of Huntington Park, CA Ditches Dems, Joins the GOP

Nick Ioannidis, aka Nick the Greek in America, is one of the proudest Americans around.

In 1969, he left his native Greece, a country heading toward dictatorship, caught between the Cold War of aggressive Russia and feckless Europeans states. Nick came to this country with a quarter in his pocket, and went from poverty to prosperity, benefiting this country and securing the blessings of liberty for himself and his children. A tailor with panache like no other, he clothes his residents with skill, and wears his patriotism with honor.

He is an icon for all immigrants who seek the American Dream, especially for those who seek it legally.

Today, in Huntington Park, CA, his home for the last four decades, he has faced nothing but attacks and disrespect from the rogue city council and political corrupt cronies who run the city.

Illegal immigration is not only rampant in California, but has overrun Huntington Park, where nearly half the residents are not legal residents.

Yet despite Nick's love for country and respect for the law, the city council has reneged on deal after deal to compensate him for reconstruction on his tailor shop. Residents have assaulted and threatened him. When he reported criminal incidents acts against himself and his property, one police officer told him: "Move to Florida!"


Nick the Greek reregisters GOP
One of the benefits of citizens is the right to vote, and when Nick became a citizen in 1975, he registered as a Republican, likely because the Democratic platform resembled the socialism which he and other European migrants fled in the 1960s and 1970s. In the interest of honoring his adopted homeland and celebrating immigrants who make the United States their refuge from tyranny, Ioannidis sought out his Congressman, to create a public law for Immigrants Day, October 28, to be celebrated throughout the country.

The Congressman pressured him, however, to switch his party registration to Democrat in exchange for passage of the law. What kind of a representative would do such a thing? Nevertheless, Nick the Greek acquiesced, and changed his registration.

Nick the Greek's Registration
Forty years later, Nick the Greek has faced nothing but disappointment, neglect, and outright dismissal from Democratic politicians, local, state and federal. They have done nothing to help him with securing his building, or building his business. They have not supported his efforts to promote legal immigration, or love of country.

Ioannidis even allowed the current corrupt Mayor Karina Macias to use his tailor shop as a campaign headquarters. How does she reward him? By appointing two illegal aliens to city commissions, while aiding and abetting corruption and utter lawlessness in a once beautiful city.

Nick has shared these terrible, tragic stories with me for months. Finally, two weeks ago, he resolved to leave the Democratic Party and become a Republican. You can read his letter here.

Before I attended the December First, 2015 Huntington Park, CA City Council meeting, I had an intuitive notion to visit Nick's tailor shop before going to the city chambers. Nick was there, practically waiting for me. I gave him a hug, said that I was glad to see him. He had a registration form in front of  me. I helped him fill it out.

Republican Party Label (RNIC)

As of December First, 2015, Nick the Greek is not just a proud American, an active citizen, but now a registered Republican! Thank you, Nick, for your brave example, standing out for principle in the middle of one of the most Democratic (In Name Only) regions in the country.

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  1. this is the kind of immigrants we want.people who really want to become a citizen,one who works we the system and respects are country and what it means.