Monday, December 14, 2015

Make America Great Again: Tell Lindsey Graham to Go to Hell

"You know how you make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell." Lindsey Graham

I am tired of US Senator Lindsey Graham.

He is a total S'more: tough on the outside, but squishy on the inside. He wants to please the powers that be, rather than use his power for good, for the general welfare of the entire country.

He does not stand for principle, but rather falls in line for whatever is politically expedient.

He has been a Big Government sellout from the day he entered the US Senate.

The major media networks saw him as a welcome "moderate" voice in Washington during the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. Sadly, moderation has turned into a political ploy of standing for whatever special interests find popular rather the principled goals of constitutional rule.

Graham wanted to run for President on a strong foreign policy platform, combined with his routine visits to foreign countries and his support for a larger military. Yet he cannot get out of single digits in poll after poll, and was just recently kicked out of the "Are You Kidding?" Kiddie table debate.

Lindsey Graham

His latest comments against Donald Trump betray his own immoderation:

"He's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot," Graham told Alisyn Camerota. "He doesn't represent my party. He doesn't represents the values that the men and women who wear the uniform are fighting for. ... He's the ISIL man of the year."

First of all, a number of Americans from all ethnic backgrounds support Donald Trump. Two of them are personal friends of mine (including Raul Rodriguez, featured in The Washington Post). Second, his comments about halting immigration from Muslim countries and preventing all Muslims was not a bigoted call to discriminate. "We need to know what the hell is going on", Trump commented. Indeed, many Arabs, intellectuals, and even Muslims have pointed out the terrorist core emerging in Islam.

Men and women in uniform also support Trump, while almost no one knows let alone wants to vote for Graham.

As for the "The ISIL man of the year", that disgraceful distinction belongs to Barack Obama, whose feckless policies of "Don't do stupid stuff" has turned into a carnival of doing nothing but abject stupidity. His failures to fight terrorism abroad, weakening strongmen in the region who supported us, has allowed radical Islamic terrorists to take over the reins of power in otherwise relatively stable Arab states.

Muammar Ghaddafi of Libya dismantled his nuclear weapons program shortly after George W. Bush bombed Iraq and removed Saddam Hussein from power. Obama has presided over a massive failure in the Middle East, including the Arab Spring which devolved into an Iranian, Islamic winter. 60 Minutes interviewer Steve Kroft criticized Obama repeatedly, citing Putin's challenges to American leadership in Russia, Asia, and the Middle East.

No, Mr. Graham, Donald Trump is not ISIL Man of the Year. Notice how Graham keeps refering to ISIS by the same misnomer used by the Obama Administration. Just terrible.

Donald Trump is touching a nerve in this country. Americans in general are angry with Washington politicization which has benefitted They the Special Interests, instead of We the People. Republicans in Washington are still fighting over whether they will stay true to their campaign promises, and some vulnerable Republicans are washing away their bold colors for lighter pastels to please the media and corporate interests. The Washington Cartel, of which Graham is an enabler and soft promoter, wants more government enriching the well-connected, with corporate welfare, financial industry subsidies, and amnesty.

Middle and working class Americans are tired of working harder and making less. They are tired of the timeless values of the Founders, and the foundations of faith and family, enduring relentless assault without a battery of responses from their pro-life, pro-family representatives.

While some politicians want to keep their seats, and make their prominence great, Americans across the country – and international enthusiasts around the world – want America to be great again.

Why doesn’t Lindsey Graham understand this? The best answer: he does not care. More interested in holding onto what little power remains, long-standing Republicans in Congress like Graham, accustomed to the status quo, do not want loud, outspoken outsiders dictating a new agenda.

I do not support Trump, but I respect his views and understand his appeal.

As for Graham, he commands no respect. Kicked out of the last debate, the unappealing US Senator has been kicking and screaming for attention ever since. His disregard for our country’s domestic concerns, his lack of political and moral courage, plus his all-out desperation to promote himself, disqualify him from further influence or merit.

If we really want to Make America Great Again, I advise all Americans:

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  1. I received the following letter from a reader after my article was printed on Canada Free Press:


    How do we best tell these politicians to go to Hell and why Trump is rising?

    Yesterday I was in my apt,discussing illegals,waivers,Muslim refugees and Jihad potential....all of us are worried.

    Suddenly I heard a large slamming thump noise on my wall from my neighbor,I realize he must have heard me and that my entire building is filled with new Muslims[since Obama] and all my old friends have moved out further to get away from it all.

    This angry noise ,reminds me what to expect in our future,they will complain,demand and lobby wimps like Lindsay Graham to send me to Hell,while paying taxes for their benefits.

    None of these Muslims ever talk to me,which is why I forget I am fully surrounded by them and a stranger in my own culture!

    I have been to Morocco,certainly felt Westerners are not liked by Muslims there,my Arab Christian friends say it is true,Islam does not like infidels and will all unite against us if war brakes,they will stand together as one people!

    Muslims stick together,my neighbor will tell all his Muslim friends to watch me and now...WHAT??

    I am a minority here,they multiply like rabbits and Obama I believe is one of them...Jeb takes his word that he is Christian,but his actions could not speak louder,not to mention his name,his friends and radical contacts...the President and now Lindsy Graham don't care about us and our way of life!

    Trump is our best hope!

    WE are telling politicians to go to HELL with our Trump card and they still don't care!!

    Jay Cowley

    Washington DC