Sunday, December 6, 2015

Johnny Tacherra for Congress!

This morning, I did not find much good news to read.

Aside from the straight-shooting out of Trump's mouth, and "Weekend at Bernie" Sanders dancing around his twenty-year voting record supporting gun rights, the news was bleak and depressing.

In a county where the rule of law faces unprecedented assault, where Islamic terrorists commit brazen actives of mass violence on our soil, and the President won't call it what it is, and some of the Republican Presidential contenders sound just as accommodating and liberal as the remaining Democratic contenders, the news is not always worthy.

Then I read this article on Breitbart California:

CA Republican Giving Away Concealed Carry Pistols At ‘2nd Amendment BBQ’

Despite the desperate, wicked attacks of Islamic extremists in San Bernardino, in spite of a fawning mainstream media and a political class unwilling to stand up to evil in our midst, there is even in deep blue California a conservative running for Congress, who is not only standing on principle, not only speaking the truth about our rights and our country, but it expanding our rights in innovative ways while campaigning in a once safe Democratic seat in the Central Valley.

Awr Hawkins writes:

Next weekend, Republican Congressional candidate Johnny Tacherra will hold a “2nd Amendment BBQ” and fundraiser in which donors giving $2,700 or more will receive a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield pistol.

Smith & Wesson’s Shield series of handguns are compact guns made for concealed carry. Donors who receive them will either get a Shield chambered in 40 cal. or one chambered in 9 mm.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Tacherra is running against Representative Rep. Jim Costa (D-CA)15% (D-Central Valley).

A reminder: Tacherra pulled ahead by a thousand votes on Election Night 2014, then watched his lead dwindle and finally fall beneath. One source told me that Tacherra received a text, informing him that he would end up losing by 3,000 votes. The claims of voter fraud in the state of California cannot be ignored.

Asked whether the December 2 San Bernardino attack might delay the BBQ or lead to its cancellation altogether, a strategist for Tacherra–Carl Fogliani–indicated “the campaign has no qualms about holding the event after the attack.” Fogliani said, “Some people on the left want this to be about guns. I think there are other aspects: trying to focus on the refugee and visa issue and on security.”

Thank you, Tacherra and company! Conservatives have more reasons to celebrate a rise of conservative principles and action in a state which many observers have called "a lost cause."

Tacherra has been trying to bring the threats posed by immigration from Middle Eastern countries into clear focus throughout the campaign. He “is calling for a blanket ban on immigrants coming into the U.S. from the Middle East” for the foreseeable future.

Finally, we have candidates -- in California! -- who are not afraid to demand a halt to mass migration into the United States. These statements do not meet the "political correctness" standard, but so what? We do not need PC in a time of war, or at any time at all. Honesty and integrity are essential, now, and for these reasons and so much  more, I support Johnny Tacherra for Congress!

Please visit his Facebook page here and consider making a donation -- or even getting a concealed-carry Smith and Wesson Pistol at his next fundraiser!

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