Thursday, December 3, 2015

Anti-Jewish Journal Begs for Money

The Jewish Journal (JJ) based in Western Los Angeles, is one of the most liberal, offensive rags left in publication in the great LA area. Conservative Jewish friends of mine cannot stand reading the paper, due to its shrilly, shrilly liberal tone, content, and agenda.

Why this paper has lasted as long as now should raise more questions. The paper is not doing a real service to the Jewish communities throughout Southern California. The moral relativism and abject leftism of the editorial board, coupled with their repeated attacks against conservatives and Republicans, have turned away readers in distinct numbers.

Now the paper is begging for donations.

David Suissa asks: "What's a dollar a month worth?"

More than the Anti-Jewish Journal. Suissa claims that people love to read JJ, and yet:

Of course, none of this comes cheap. It costs a lot of money to hire reporters, to print and distribute thousands of papers each week, and to stay current on the Web. So, to use our CFO Adam Levine’s favorite question: “Are you sure we can afford all this?
Well, that depends on you — which is why I’m writing this Thanksgiving column.
 The JJ cannot maintain costs. Is anything that they publish really worth reading?
Now they have to beg for donations?!
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Oy veh!

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