Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pineda Goes After Amezquita's Stipend

Huntington Park Councilman Jhonny Pineda will stop at nothing to hurt the efforts and resources of the one honest city council member in Huntington Park: Valentin Amezquita.

Know as "Val" to his friends, Councilman Amezquita voted against appointing the two illegal aliens to city commissions. He has addressed the city council during public comment as a member of the community, not just as an elected official.

Unlike the other four members, who take direction from political machines and mafia miscreants, Amezquita has brought up issues relating to public safety, balanced financing, and proper use and investment of city resources.

Pineda is using this city council seat to advance a hateful, anti-American agenda, subverting the rule of law, misusing city time and resources, and promoting himself instead of the best interests of the city.

At the December First, 2015 city council meeting, during the final council comment portion, Pineda suggested to the city manager and his cronies that they start deducting Amezquita's salary because he has missed two city council meetings.

Why did the one honest councilmember not attend two meetings? Does his absence in those instances justify punishing him with less pay?

Councilman  Amezquita did not attend one meeting because his niece's husband passed away. They had recently married, and she was expecting twins. She was going through a very hard time, and Valentine needed to be there for her.

The second absence was a business trip to China to bring economic development to the city. He discussed the high rises, the economic expansion, the number of cranes and buildings growing throughout the country. He affirmed that trip came out of his pocket, not the city's

It was government business.

Yet Pineda wants to cut his pay.

Why not demand that the other city council members lose their salaries, because of their corruption, incompetence, and cronyism? Their blatant disregard of the law alone should disqualify any of them receiving any money.

Contact the city councilmembers, and tell them to stop harassing their good colleague, and start obeying the law:

1. Rescind the appointments of the two illegal aliens to city commissions.

2. Step down from office.

3. Send the message throughout the state and the country: cities are for citizens.

Jhonny Pineda
4326 E. 60th Street
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone Number: (323) 356-8967

Graciela Ortiz
6928 Mountain View Ave.
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone Number: (323) 356-8852

Karina Macias:
2411 E. Gage Ave, Apt. 10
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone Number: (323) 482-6640

Marilyn Sanabria:
3425 Live Oak Street
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone: (323) 356-9498

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