Thursday, December 3, 2015

Huntington Park, CA City Council Took a Thirteen Minute "Five Minute" Recess

At the 29:00 mark of the Part Two section of December 1, 2015 HP Meeting, Mayor Karina Macias called for a five minute recess.

The Huntington Park City Council cannot take any more of the pressure from We the People Rising.

We have held our ground, fighting for eternal values. The rule of law cannot cave to miscreants within any one city, where individual elected officials feel that they do not have to obey the law. Their appointment of two illegal aliens to city commissions should have signalled unbridled alarm from all law-abiding citizens throughout Los Angeles County and around the world.

We the People Rising - we are the voices for the millions of Americans who are tired of their govenrment pandering to illegals at the expense of legal residents.

Now the city council is feeling the heat, facing month after month against a room of concernd citizens, constituents without borders.

Macias looked more and more uncomfortable, and the once cocky Pineda was rubbing his hands and straining his fingers.

Cosme Lozamo, the Chief of Police, looks increasingly uncomfortable, puffing his cheeks and rubbing his hands. The city council hears our frequent complaints, as well as demands for order and respect for our nation's laws and culture.

The city council went into recess for five minutes. Actually, for thirteen minutes.

What were they doing in the chambers off-site?

They are getting worn down. All it takes is that diligent minority, to set ablaze the imaginations of the masses. We are getting support from all  over the country. Young Hispanics are supporting our efforts. Residents in the city are applauding our efforts. The corruption just stinks to high heaven, and the residents in the city want it to end.

Macias and Co fled for a "five minute" recess

No justice, no peace. No enforcement, no peace. No justice or enforcement -- no liberty.

While the city council ran away for not five but thirteen minutes, the rest of us recorded comments and events in the city council chambers. Linda Caraballo reminded the audience that the council was holding a serial meeting, which is subject to the Brown Act. Because they were not speaking or discussing issues publicly, and because they had failed to inform the audience that they were recessing into closed session, it appears that another Brown Act violation has occurred.

Their thirteen minute recess will cost them dearly in the future. The city attorney, Arnold Alvarez-Glasman, ran to meet with them during the recess, too. Only Valentin Amezquita remained outside, and discussed with the audience his concerns. Why did his colleagues run away, and leave him alone?

What are they hiding? Why can't the city council face the public with courage and finally admit that they are breaking the law, they are doing wrong, and need to start doing the right thing? It does not take five minutes, let alone thirteen, to figure out the wise thing to do.

1. Rescind the appointments of the two illegal aliens.

2. Resign their posts

3. Remind their community and all cities throughout California and the country: cities are for citizens, and positions of public trust belong to legal residents.

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