Monday, December 28, 2015

Kammy Begging for Year-End Handouts

Kamala Harris has overspent.

Now she wants more of her "supporters" to ride to her rescue with some last-minute, year-end cash.

Her latest eblast:

Kamala Harris for Senate

I know it can feel like the year is basically over. The days in between Christmas and New Year's have a tendency to slip by. But I have to tell you, friends, this is crunch time for me. I have to make these days count.
How about crunch time for the taxpayers? The have faced nothing but privations and setbacks to make ends meet in California, a state hostile to business, to job growth, to economic recovery. Where does Kammy expect to get her campaign dough? She was hoping that Barack Obama and his gaggle of liberal sycophants would roll out money for her just as they had done for "The One" in the White House.
Did not happen. Kammy learned the hard way that she had to hustle and bustle just like any other politician seeking federal office.

Our biggest fundraising goal is approaching. The deadline is December 31st, so I’m going to be blunt: I need your help.

We’re trying to reach $60,000 to close out the quarter. I know it’s a lot, but California is a powerhouse of a state, and we have a lot of ground to cover, messages to spread, and people to hear from.
A US Senate candidate cannot run a credible California campaign on $60,000. She can't raise this much in a quarter. Are Democratic donors getting jittery about their Attorney General?

I can’t wait to do it all, but first we need the resources. Can you give $5 or $10 to help us reach our final goal of 2015? We only have 3 days left and we’re still short.

I hope you’ll help me make the final days of 2015 count.

Thank you,


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  1. Kamala uses her campaign finances to fund a lavish lifestyle! The trumpeter of income, social, and financial equality is a hypocrite!

    Bob LARIVEE for US Senate is the only candidate keeping his promise to run his campaign efficiently and with fiscal responsibility as he would your tax dollars!