Saturday, December 12, 2015

Jeb! - One Sad Commercial

I saw one Jeb Bush commercial on Fox News Sunday..

It was sad.

The whole thing was a facade to me, boring but bearable, and yet very uninspiring.

The third Bush to run for President in nearly thirty years, Jeb seems to ebb with the tides of history, rather than thrash them out.

He repeats a tired tirade of accomplishments from his tenure as governor.

He governed as a ruby red conservative, overcoming voter lethargy and corporate angst against reforms in many departments.

Today, Jeb is probably living from one consultant to the next.

They tell him what to say, how to debate, and which issues to fight for or run from.

He is not an inspiring candidate at all.

The Romney of 2016, Jeb is saying all the right words for the major Establishment donors, the interests who want a weak sock-puppet who will do what they want, rather than governor in an effective, conservative manner.

Yes, he is sitting on millions of donor dollars. He can spend money like crazy in Iowa and New Hampshire. Despite the media blitz, he sits in single digits. Donors are worried about the guy, the same way major money was wondering whether to keep backing or back away from Scott Walker.

Money doesn't talk the way a principled, policy-oriented walk can.

Jeb is a big wet maybe, and more voters are responding: "Maybe not."

His whole campaign has become one sad commercial, and no one is buying.

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