Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nick the Greek's Good-Bye Letter to the Democratic Party

Open Letter: The Democrat Party

I became an American citizen in 1975. I am so proud to be an American that I devoted over half of my tailoring shop for the display of government officials. I have political medals, certificates, letters of thanks to me from numerous politicians. And there is much, much more.

I have four flags flying high over my tailor shop: The U.S. flag, the California flag, the MIA/POW flag and the flag of Greece, the country from which I emigrated.

When I became a U.S. citizen, I registered to vote as a Democrat. Why, because I thought that I could
best serve my beloved America by so doing. I have helped many Democrats get elected in L.A. County.

Nick Ioannidis i.e. Nick the Greek
Proud American, registered Republican
I have walked precincts, & put out yard sings for many Democrats in Huntington Park where I live.

The current mayor of Huntington Park used my Patriot's Room for her campaign headquarters. I helped her win the election. I trusted her but soon found out that I did not really know her beyond the
superficial. She is in part the prototype of a Democrat of which I have now observed many of them in
action. They in part have provided the impetus for my decision. I have been lied to, deceived, and taken advantage of. I am owed money by Huntington Park. Members of the police force, members of City Council, members of the planning commission, and a contiguous property owner have shamefully taken advantage of me. So what do they all have in common? They are all Democrats! I am not like them.

In heart and practice I can not be a Democrat. I realize I believe in the principles of the Republican
Party. So, I have registered as a proud American and as a Republican.

The sooner the Democrat Party crashes and burns the better off America will be.

My name is Nick M. Ioannidis, A.K.A. Nick the Greek. I am known all over L.A. County.

Goodbye, Democrat Party; hello Republican Party.

Nick the Greek

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