Thursday, December 24, 2015

Puppet Master Martinez Wants Reggie Jones-Sawyer's Job

I have heard some interesting reports from ressidents in and around the Huntington Park region.
Puppet Master Efren Martinez

Efren "Puppet Master" Martinez is angling for a position higher than planning commissioner.

He is already pulling the strings in Huntington Park, telling the city council what to do. He was supposed to be just a campaign manager. Now it looks as if he wants more political machinery to manage his campaign for higher office.

Frankly, the crooked politician should not be sitting anywhere in any position of public trust, but that is another discussion for another time.

The rogue city council appointed Efren Martinez to the commission, all while repudiating the previous appointees and sending them all packing. One sourced informed this writer that all the fired commissioners were escorted out of the building by law enforcement.

So, the city council appoints corrupt campaign managers and illegal aliens to positions of prominence, but throws out law-abiding citizens. No wonder Huntington Park is going down.

Now, back to Puppet Master Martinez.

What does he want to be? Sources indicate that he wants to be an assemblyman. He is not going to challenge Miguel Santiago, however.

He wants to take down Reggie Sawyer-Jones in the 59th Assembly District.

That seat has a little section of Huntington Park within its boundaries. The registration is so heavily Democratic, the Republican Party of Los Angeles County does not have a central committee elected in the area at this time.

So, another intra-Democratic Party battle is on the forefront, between the African-American and Hispanic communities in South Los Angeles.

Reggie Sawyer-Jones

How is Martinez going to run for this seat? Where is he going to get the money?

Another source informed this writer that Martinez has received funding through the Huntington Park-Florence Chamber of Commerce. Complaints have been filed against him and the chamber for engaging in these political activities.

Whatever is going on in Huntington Park, the corruption of elected officials, meeting with an apathetic and inattentive electorate, has allowed these politicized frauds to take money from legitimate business and government operations to fund their own selfish, immoral interests.

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