Thursday, December 10, 2015

CalNews Fail: Divisive Take on CA's US Senate Race

Could a website title be any more misleading or biased? reported the following, in response to an article about US Senate candidate Rocky Chavez

@CAGOP leaders side with Democrats, abandon Rocky Chávez

First of all, Republicans gained a number of seats in the state legislature. They are working their way back from near irrelevance in the 2013-2014 legislative session, where Democrats held a supermajority of seats -- until one after another state senators were arrested, indicted, or convicted of serious felonies. . .

The idea that the California Republican Party leaders are automatically siding with Democrats just because of current inaction in the US Senate race is preposterous.

The Cali GOP is run by lobbyists…they aren’t about to piss off the Democrats in Sacramento.

Republican legislators have to walk a fine line in Sacramento. They held their ground against tax and spending increases in 2015. They need to increase their numbers to compete and legislative more effectively in years to come.

As for the ruling power of lobbyists in the state, that is changing as we speak. Grassroots organizations are getting stronger, getting louder, not taking a back seat any more to special interests.

Republican Assemblyman Rocky Chávez, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, accused the California GOP of deciding to “take a walk” on his top-of-the-ticket race, and challenged its leaders to “stand up and fight.”

The California Republican Party must defend the seats which they have already won in 2014, and must hold onto the Congressional and state senates up for reelection this year, too. That's a political fact. I would like to see the California Republican Party be more aggressive in targeting other winnable seats and registering new voters.

“There’s serious leaders in the California Republican Party who are telling donors ‘don’t give to the Senate race, we can’t win,’” Chávez, a retired Marine colonel from Oceanside, said in an interview Wednesday. “Well, that’s hurting us. It’s tough to raise money.”

Donors get to decided whom they want to back for any race. I would like to see more people donate more toward party building, not just individual candidates. Grassroots efforts are key, as well.

Rocky Chavez is facing a lot of heat for his vote on SB 4, which expanded Medi-Cal to illegal aliens 19  and under. 

Final Reflection

If statewide Republicans want to win again, they need to contact and connect with central committees. We need candidates who are team players, working to repair and build the brand in the state. Outreach -- not pandering -- to Hispanic communities is crucial, as well as holding the line on security, accountability, and transparency for all Californians.

However, the argument that California Republican Party leaders are siding with Democrats in not investing heavily in anyone US Senate candidate -- that is just ridiculous!

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