Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Insane: Senate Democrats Filibuster Open Debate on Immigration

The Senate Democrats shut down the government in January. The "Schumer Shutdown" ended up a "Schumer Letdown."

The second budget deadline has passed, and even though the spending was vastly over-budget, Republicans can move onto letting Democrats hang themselves on their overzealous virtue signalling.

10 Democratic US Senators are in dire straits going into this year's election. They don't want to take a firm stance on immigration, but hope to ride out the latest wave of public sentiment to live and fight for their special interests another six years.

Check out the litany of tweets from GOP US Senators trying to move on immigration:

Majority Leader McConnell is shocked--shocked!--I tell you, and has been sharing his frustration with his liberal colleagues on the stalled immigration debate. First, he reminds everyone that he promised an open debate on the issue:

OK, and he also hoped that Democrats would past playing politics and just do the right thing:
Of course, his efforts have been immediately stymied:
WHAT? Didn't Democrats want a real debate and a chance to get some movement on lasting immigration laws and priorities? My wish list is enforcement, enforcement, and more enforcement on top of that. What are Democrats thinking? They have a chance to get their "DREAMS" to come true. But ...
Shame on these Democrats! They never wanted to fix this problem, after all. They only wanted to demagogue this issue ad infinitum. It's not even about amnesty for illegal aliens. They are really worried about losing the chain migration aspect, which has allowed Democrats to import legions of new voters legally! As of three hours again (from the date of this post), Senate Democrats are still not allowing a debate!
Now we find out what is going on. Democrats just want amnesty. They have no interest in securing the border or ensuring that this problem ends once and for all:
This is expert trolling from Mitch McConnell. I wish that he was consistently conservative in all other facets of his Majority Leadership. He still has to go, in my opinion. What are other GOP senators talking about? Chuck Grassley is really upset!

It get worse:
By the way, President Trump has signalled" support for Grassley's bill. But that only means that Democrats will double down in their insane, Trump Derangement Syndrome Opposition. They cannot, will not allow the press, the legal strictures, or the public record grant Trump any kind of victory on immigration. Of course, any form of amnesty would not be a victory to the base which sent Trump to Congress, and I believe--once again, I am writing this--that Trump has merely expected the Democrats to keep shooting themselves in the foot because the left-wing base in this country is absolutely insane, demanding a "Clean" DREAM Act and no border metrics or security measures.

Democrats are digging a deeper hole for themselves, and they are revealing to the country, and even their left-wing base, that they do not want to deal with immigration reform on any level, of any kind.

This latest fail is going to blow up in their faces come November. Just you watch.

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  1. Democrats only care for votes by DACA illegal aliens. Not American citizens.