Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Election 2018: "Crappy John" Cox Lies About Travis Allen's Pro-Life Record

One of the best lines of attack which Chicago machine progressive Republican John Cox has tried using repeatedly against Travis Allen is that he is not really pro-life, or that he has skipped out on multiple votes on this issue.

John Cox is completely distorting the record, and even Planned Murderhood's score card, the one which Cox and his corrupt establishment cronies have been relying on, proves this point very well.

Travis Allen is outside the Establishment from the word "Go". He ran against the hand-picked OCGOP candidate in 2012 and won. Unlike his challenger in that race, Allen pledged and stuck to the promise that he would vote against every tax increase.

He has.

Serving his first term in 2013, Allen got what from Planned Murderhood?

A big fat 0%!

Here's the link for 2013, and below are the screen shots:


"Travis Allen Loves Margeret Sanger!!! OMG!"


First of all, that is an F.

Second, what did Allen vote for that got him any kind of score?

I researched the list of bills, and here's what Travis Allen voted for:

He voted for AB 1481:

Medical Assistants
AB 1841 (Mullin): allows Medical Assistants to hand over pre-labeled, pre-packaged medications. PPAC sponsored AB 1841, which passed and was signed into law.

Is there a problem here? None that I can see.

He voted for AB 1755:

Privacy Breach Notification
AB 1755 (Gomez): improves notification requirements for breaches in medical information. PPAC sponsored AB 1755, which passed and was signed into law.

I want that. Consumers should know if there has been any kind of breach of sensitive medical information to the public or another interest. Allen voted for that. What's the problem?

He voted for SB 1053:

Contraceptive Equity Act
SB 1053 (Mitchell): requires health insurance plans to provide coverage for all FDA approved contraceptive drugs, devices, and products beginning in January 2016. PPAC supported SB 1053, which passed and was signed into law.

Notice that none of this legislation talks about expanding abortions or forcing people to pay for them. Planned Murderhood endorses legislation which almost every legislator voted for, too.

What about 2015?

Travis Allen got another Big Fat 0%!!

I wonder what John Cox is hiding?!

"I'm a Chicago Machine Politico!" 

Travis Allen had a better pro-life record than my former Assembly David Hadley, who had a 17%---which was still extremely low.

What about 2016?

He got 67%. The Cox campaign has been focusing on this score the most.

"OMG! He's a baby killer!"

Nope! Not in the slightest.

What did he vote for?

AB 1561, the bill which would eliminate sales taxes on feminine products. Planned Murderhood happened to support the legislation, too.

It was a great bill, and Jerry Brown vetoed it! Shame on him! John Cox has a problem with Allen voting for a tax cut. Really. What does that tell us about Cox?

Did he vote for any other bills favored by Planned Murderhood?

SB 999

12-Month Supply of Birth Control – SUPPORT, Co-sponsored by PPAC
SB 999 (Pavley): This bill requires all private health care service plans and health insurers to cover up to 12-months of FDA Approved, self-administered hormonal contraceptives (including oral contraceptives, transdermal patches, and vaginal rings) dispensed at one time.  The legislation would also require Medi-Cal Managed Care plans to cover a 12-month supply of all forms of prescribed contraceptives (such as the patch and ring).

What's the problem here, exactly? 

Oh, and lots of Republicans voted for these two bills, too, along with Democrats. There was nothing in this legislation that would be considered pro-abortion.

But wait? What about 2017? What was Travis Allen's Planned Murderhood score?

Wait for it ....


Final Reflection

This says it all.

John Cox is a liar. He has tried to paint Travis Allen as a pro-choice minion, when in fact Allen has repeatedly voted against baby-killing, anti-life legislation in Sacramento.

The Cox campaign jumped on one scorecard from Election 2016, but held back what the votes were for.

Allen voted for transparency in the case of hospital breaches of information. Travis Allen voted to ensure that insurance companies cover all FDA approved drugs, which is commernsurate with insurance contracts.

He also voted for a tax cut. 

What's not to like?

The truth is that Cox's campaign went from desperate to demonic. He lied about Travis Allen, and then he deceived some well-received, outspoken conservatives from Calvary Chapel Chino Hills who had heckled him about his pro-life record.

I am really offended at the deception, which leads me to believe that Cox lied about Allen to get the National Right to Life endorsement. I can't substantiate that yet, but I find it hard to believe that Cox has a better record on life, since he has never cast votes on legislation.

Cox is a multi-faceted loser. He is a carpet-bagger from Chicago who advertised himself as a "progressive" Republican. Give me a break! We don't need Chicago style politics in California.

He pushed a failed Neighborhood Legislature initiative, twice. What did he do with all the money he raised for that?

John Cox is a rich man with no love. I don't care how money he has. 

Now, he has questionable integrity. He needs to drop out.

It's time to support Travis Allen for Governor!


  1. Please provide a link to both Cox's and Allen's voting record. I am unable to find online

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