Monday, February 26, 2018

Petition: Tell Broward Coward Sheriff Steve Israel to Resign


Fifteen kids died while four Broward County Sheriff Deputies stood outside and did nothing. After the fact, Sheriff Israel -- the man in charge -- pointed the finger at the NRA and at President Trump rather than admit his utter failure.

Demand Sheriff Israel take responsibility for his own actions and resign effective immediately.

I, by digitally signing my name below, do hereby join in calling for Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel's resignation to be made effective immediately. 

Please, act now -- before it's too late! To be effective we must work together to quickly gather 100,000 signatures -- and that means that your signature is of the utmost importance!


Our kids deserve better than Sheriff Israel's failed leadership.

Our schools deserve protection from law enforcement who come through on their sworn duty to save children...not cowards who freeze outside the door or take cover behind cars while innocent children and teachers are being slaughtered.

strongly urge you to join in holding Sheriff Israel accountable!


Senator Ted Harvey (R-CO)
Chairman, Committee to Defend the President

Help the Committee to Defend the President have President Trump's back, defend him from attacks, and re-elect him in 2020!

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Committee to Defend The President

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