Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Left Uses Kids to Push Tyranny

The Parkland, Florida Massacre was terrible, evil.

The evil of that gun massacre was compounded when it was revealed that four sheriff's deputies in Broward County did not do their job.

They should up at the high school, but stayed outside and allowed the deranged mass murdered Nikolas Cruz to continue shooting at everyone.

The good guys with guns didn't do their job.

The answer isn't to take away firearms from law-abiding citizens.

We need to allow more law-abiding citizens to take their firearms wherever they go!

Of course, the shamelessness of the Left knows no bounds. They used the little kids and teenagers to push more gun control.

That is wrong.
That path must not lead to more gun control.

We need crime control. We need mental illness control.

But most importantly, we need to remove the controls unjustly, unconstitutionally placed on law-abiding citizens.

No more no-gun zones.

Constitutional carry is a must.

And to deal with states which still require permits to carry a firearm, national reciprocity.

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