Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Election 2018 Torrance Election Endorsement: Ron Riggs for Mayor

It's time to step up and make the decision.

Torrance needs new leadership, and not the same old corruption.

Pat Furey is a bigot, and he sold himself to the lowest bidder for the McCormick Contract.

He thinks that he is above the law, and we just cannot have that.

We need new blood, we need people who are willing to fight for what is best for the city, and we need people who are ethical and willing to work hard for the city.

The next mayor of Torrance should be:

Ron is a businessman and community leader. He is readily available. He shows up when you need him.

He is not part of the old political class (Tom Brewer, for example) that is more interested in just going along with doing what has already been happening.

Visit his website here.

Please donate to him, too.

Let's make Torrance Great Again--vote for Ron Riggs for Mayor.

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