Saturday, February 24, 2018

Brilliant: Wisconsin GOP Ties Socialist Bernie Sanders to Tammy Baldwin

These are the kinds of attacks we need to see more of along the political landscape.

Republicans have been too nice with Democrats, especially the left-wing dingbats who think that they can spend your money better than you can. Bernie Sanders and his socialist cronies preach against greed, yet they are some of the richest members of Congress.

Then they demand 90% of your wealth in turn. What is the matter with these people? Nothing more than what comes naturally to fallen man and human nature.

The Wisconsin GOP is targeting Tammy Baldwin's US Senate seat this year, and they are pulling out all the stops to make her a one-term wonder:

Republican Party of

High tax socialist Bernie Sanders is in Wisconsin today and the Republican Party of Wisconsin is "welcoming" him with a billboard that lets him and his anti-taxpayer ally Senator Tammy Baldwin know exactly what we think of them picking Washington over Wisconsin.


We need your help to keep this hard-hitting billboard up all day in Green Bay!

Support our billboard effort right now so we can give Bernie Sanders the welcome he deserves and keep it running all day … and into next week.

After voting against the tax reform bill that saves the typical Wisconsin family $2,508, it is painfully clear Senator Baldwin has more in common with a socialist from Vermont than with Wisconsinites.

Together with his Wisconsin colleague Senator Tammy Baldwin, the two have adamantly opposed Republican tax reform that has lowered taxes and grown the paychecks of hard-working Wisconsin families.

Support the Republican Party of Wisconsin today as we fight against the far-left agenda of Sanders and Baldwin.

Both Sanders and Baldwin are campaigning in favor of higher taxes on the families of Wisconsin and opposing a bill that is already growing paychecks. Today is the perfect opportunity to show these two out-of-touch Washington politicians that Wisconsin has HAD ENOUGH.

Pitch in and support our billboard right now with:

Some other amount

This billboard will send a strong message but we need your help to keep it up as long as possible!

Mark Morgan
Executive Director

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  1. As a Republican and a parent of two students at this school, I am ashamed to read your article.

    You wrote an article only telling part of what happened to forward your own agenda or to simply get more attention for yourself. In doing this, you are only hurting others and bringing the wrong attention to the school.

    I have two students at the school and my daughter stated that this was done without the school knowing about it. That once the school found out, they immediately came out and took the Pinata away from the students. I also know that the teachers are no longer at the school.

    You only report on part of what happened and only show part of the video. If you did your homework and watched the entire video, you would see that someone from the school comes out within minutes and takes the piƱata and disperses the students back to class.

    Isn’t that outcome exactly what you are stating the school should have done?

    Since the school acted exactly how you are asking them to in the article, shouldn’t you be praising the school on how they handled the situation and not putting the school down.

    This is a great school that I am proud to send my children to, so please stop bringing negative attention to it. Maybe your next article can praise the school on doing the right thing and not allowing something like this on campus.