Monday, February 26, 2018

@CA_DEM Decay: Endorsement for #MeToo Garcia, and No Endorsements for Statewide Offices

This is really alarming. The California Democratic Party convention could not arrive at a consensus for statewide candidates. A number of contested House Seats are not going to have an endorsed candidate, either, except for the House seats which Democrats really do not have a chance of winning: CD-39 and CD-45.

Cristina Garcia actually received an official endorsement from the California Democratic Party, even though she is currently on voluntary unpaid leave following four accusations of sexual misconduct from previous staffers.

Unbelievable. The California Democratic Party responded that her endorsement, along with a number of others, had already been slated on the consent calendar, and state party rules will not permit the remove of a consent calendar endorsement.

Uh Oh!

And yet ... the state party and activists within the party worked actively and successfully to prevent Tony Mendoza from receiving an endorsement. right? They accomplished getting rid of Touchy Feely Tony, but they couldn't stop Groping Cristina?

Strange ...

Anyway, what about the final breakdown on delegate votes for the official state party endorsements for statewide office?

The state party delegates were unable to arrive at any consensus. This is not pretty for the California Democratic Party, a microcosm of how the corporatist Hillary faction may have all the money, but they have not commanded the respect or the drive of the Bernie-crat progressive faction.

Here is the breakdown on how California Democratic Party delegates voted on statewide candidates:

U.S. Senate:

Kevin de León: 54 percent
Dianne Feinstein: 37 percent
Pat Harris: 5 percent
No Endorsement: 3 percent

This was the must stunning upset of the convention. Senator Dianne Feinstein has pushed a more left-wing tilt since major opposition jumped into the race to defeat her in the general election.

Of course, DiFi has more money than any other candidate running for statewide office, and she has name ID and support (so far) from a wide swatch of Democrats and Independents, and very likely some Republicans. (*UGH*)

Still, she will face a harder fight than expected going into the June primary this year. She will be sucking in a large part of the Democratic Vote, and just maybe a Republican can sneak through. If that happens, it's very likely that this Senate seat could be a little more competitive than last time, since the large and expanding number of hard-left progressives within the Democratic Party, as well as those who have abandoned the Democratic Party, will sit out the election.

California Governor:

Gavin Newsom: 39 percent
Antonio Villaraigosa: 9 percent
John Chiang: 30 percent
Delaine Eastin: 20 percent
No Endorsement: 3 percent

These statistics were particularly interesting. 

Not one candidate garnered widespread support. The Democratic Party is truly ripping apart, and the unity which Democratic delegates were hoping to exude to the public is not working out quite as well as hoped.

Gavin Newsom didn't even break 40% among the delegates. John Chiang did noticeably better, as did Delaine Eastin. For the former mayor of Los Angeles to crash and burn as he did, however, spells doom for this state if it's a Dem vs. Dem contest in November. Democrats obviously do not want Villaraigosa.

He is trying to play the moderate card, and he has Republican consultants working on his campaign. Not good.

California Lt. Governor:

Jeff Bleich: 7 percent
Eleni Kounalakis: 41 percent
Ed Hernandez: 42 percent
No Endorsement: 11 percent

Ouch. There are two clear candidates duking it out for Lieutenant Governor. It will really suck to see another Dem vs. Dem Top Two here, too.

California Attorney General:

Dave Jones: 56 percent
Xavier Becerra: 42 percent
No Endorsement: 2 percent

Wow! Xavier Basura didn't get the endorsement, and he received less support than Dave Jones! OUCH.

I wish that we could deport both of them, though, and settle on Steve Bailey for Attorney General. We need someone who will stand strong with President Trump and AG Jeff Sessions to enforce all immigration laws and deport all illegal aliens.

Dave Jones, the current Insurance Commissioner, got the highest delegate percentage of all the candidates running for statewide offices and contending for the nomination. That's pretty shocking, I must say. 

How was he able to accomplish that?

Final Reflection

I heard a whole bunch of negative voices out there telling me that there would not be one Republican on the ballot during the general election for California statewide office.

With the widening dissension among Democrats, and with the number of powerful, outspoken Republicans who are engaging the public and the media, I believe that we will actually see some competition in the state of California.

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