Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Matt Rosendale for US Senate: "Help Grow Our Movement & Stay Up-to-date"

Rosendale for U.S. Senate
It has been my tremendous honor to serve Montana as both a state legislator and your state auditor - I've fought for years to advance our core conservative principles, and we've been able to get big things done!
Last summer I launched my campaign for U.S. Senate because I am sick and tired of watching our federal government be run by insiders, liberals, and big spenders.
Jon Tester is all three, and it's clear that Montana needs a no-nonsense conservative outsider fighting for us in Washington. The LAST thing we need is another Chuck Schumer puppet!
We're working hard and winning over voters with this message, and we can't let up. 
Friend,I’m running for this office because I love my wife, my family, Montana, and our great country - and I mean business. 
I REFUSE to stand by while the clueless liberal-left attempts to derail President Trump's bold America First agenda! 
We must keep up our campaign momentum over the critical months ahead, and I'm counting on supporters like you.
So please, visit my Facebook page today. Click "Like", and you’ll begin receiving our updates to your news feed.
Thank you again for standing with Team Rosendale. I'm grateful to have you on board, and look forward to seeing you soon on the campaign trail!
Matt Rosendale
Candidate for U.S. Senate

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