Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Election 2018: We Need #RedTsunami2018. No Complacency, @GOP!

I can't stress the epic importance of Election 2018.

Election 2016 was important enough, but if Democrats take back the House and worse yet gain the US Senate, then we are facing a world of hurt going forward.

President Trump can only do so much as chief executive. He has enacted a number of incredible reforms and has broadened the MAGA Agenda in incredible ways.

But ...

If Democrats take back the House of Representatives, all appropriations for the wall, for border security, for balanced budgets, for proper funding goals, will all fall away.

Let me tell you who is going to be running the House of Representatives and select committees.

1. House Intelligence Committee

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Tulare, CA)

Do you like the job that Rep. Devin Nunes has been doing to expose the Deep State and Barack Obama's rank corruption during his administration?

He has a rocky-steady skills and courage. He is not afraid of the Democrats or the media, despite their desperate efforts to smear and undermine his investigations against corruption within the DOJ, the FBI, and other intelligence agencies suffused with Obama holdovers.

If Democrats take back the House of Representatives, do you know who will be in charge?

Shifty Adam Schiff
Shifty Adam Schiff, the Leaker in Chief who has colluded with Russia and the corrupt left-wing, lamestream media. This is the last guy we want issuing subpeonas to investigag

2. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

Trey Gowdy has run a masterful committee regimen, going after Deep State corruption while attacking the rampant lawlessness of the Obama Administration.

The unending subpeona power of the Oversight Committee cannot be overstated. Who would take over if Dems take over the House?

Elijah Cummings
This guy is a rabid racist who supports Black Lives (Don't) Matter. He supports voter fraud, and he harassed True the Vote when they were investigating voter fraud in North Carolina.

He is a Baltimore-based machine politician who couldn't care less about the rule of law. Can you imagine every Russian businessman in DC forced before this committee to testify on Donald Trump's business contacts around the world?!

The Swamp Corruption would flow unabated, and he would probably be cashing in. He is prone to the worst kind of theatrics, too, and will preen for the camera every chance he gets, and make sure to drag President Trump's name through the mud on the most vacuous of causes.

We cannot have this man overseeing any kind of reform. None.

3. House Finance Committee

Jeb Hensarling is retiring, with Peter King to take his place as Chairman if House leadership agree to the decision.

Who would take his place, though, if Democrats take back the House?

Dirty Maxine Waters:

Do you really want The Crazy Black Lady overseeing any kind of finance legislation in this country?

Do we really want to listen to "Reclaiming My Time?" over and over on national television?

This woman defines corruption, and she has been rated one of the most corrupt members of Congress six times!

We don't need the corrupt fox running the financial hen house.

We need Omar Navarro for Congress, and we need to stop Dirty Maxine from chairing the House Finance Committee.

But if none of this convinces you what we need to be worried about ...

Who will be the next Speaker of the House?

Alzheimer's Nancy:

Need I say more, folks? Really?

That face above should be enough to wake up Republicans all across the country and get out and VOTE!

Guess what?

I fully support Jeff Denham and David Valadao for Congress, along with the rest of the GOP incumbents running for re-election up and down the state of California. I am not going to lose my blob on this point, people. We simply cannot allow one GOP seat to flip to a Democrat in the House of Representatives.

We need everyone, and as much as I hate, hate, hate the amnesty talk pushed by Denham and Valadao, they are right on on every other issue.

We need to keep Kevin McCarthy as our Majority Leader. We need to make sure that a Republican Majority takes back the House of Representatives on November 7, 2018.

I don't care how many hard feelings you may have in any kind of primary fights in the days and months ahead. I don't care if the Central Committees in your district or your region of the state hurt you.

We need to hold onto the House and send the message loudly and clearly to the country, to the political class that we want conservatives, we want MAGA, and we want our power restored as citizens in our country.


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  1. Thank you Arthur. I followed you on facebook, but c ouldnt find you until a post today. I do have to say. No to Oscar Navarro. When you ask him a question that puts him an uncomfortable position, he blocks the persin whose asked it. Im voting for Travis Allen For Governor. Im hoping to get all your work out on facebook so others will quit believing the lies about him. Thank you fot keeping your patriotism going! Glad I founf you again!