Monday, February 19, 2018

Left-Wing Fail: Mass Shooting Not a "White Male" Problem

Normally, I get upset when reporters and writers resort to reposting tweets for their articles.

But some tweets are so witty, pithy, and downright accurate, that there is no better way to expand on their point than just to post them.

For the last five months, I have contended with liberals and die-hard gun control enthusiasts, who are convinced that mostly white males are the biggest threat to the United States because of the mass shootings and the domestic terrorism which erupted at the Oklahoma City ATF building in 1995.

The truth is, many mass shooters in the United States have been of diverse ethnic backgrounds, not just white males:
I am indebted to men and women like this social media user who bring some facts and research to the debate.

Lo and behold, it's not just "white males" whom we have to fear.

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