Friday, February 16, 2018

Maine GOP: Governor LePage's Working Legacy, and More

Maine GOP Presents: News You Can Trust

Here is a quick round-up of some key news items. 

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Top Maine and National News
Democrat hypocrisy on Republican tax cuts
In an op-ed this week in The Hill, Alfredo Ortiz highlighted some of the hypocrisy of the congressional Democrats on there opposition to tax reform.

Ortiz noted:
According to the Tax Policy Center, the average earner will receive about $135 more a month, and more if they have kids...

The latest jobs reports suggests that tax cuts have contributed to the current tight labor market that is generating the fastest average wage growth in nearly a decade... A new nationwide poll of small business owners conducted by the Job Creators Network finds that small businesses favor the tax cuts by a 10 to one margin.

Have Democrats apologized for their misguided tax reform fear-mongering? No. In fact, they’ve doubled down on it, promising to repeal them, which would raise taxes on millions of ordinary Americans, if they retake Congress this fall.

While Maine newspapers re-publish selected Washington Post, Associated Press, and other national news items all the time, they did not re-publish this one. You can read it here, though!

Governor LePage’s State of the State Address
This Tuesday, Governor LePage delivered his final State of the State speech. Our Governor discussed his tax cuts, welfare reforms, and elimination of harmful regulations, among other policy achievements. He also reiterated that he won’t expand Medicaid unless the legislature comes up with the money to pay for it. He also discussed policies he is pushing this year to help those in need, use taxpayer money wisely, and continue improving Maine’s economy.

Thank you, Governor, you will be dearly missed. But fortunately the Maine GOP has several strong candidates running for Governor to carry on your legacy.

Congressman Poliquin Applauds New Timber Production Facility
We learned this week there will be a new timber production facility in Millinocket that could create more than 100 new jobs.

Congressman Poliquin praised the announcement, stating:
Maine’s working forests provide for tens of thousands of jobs across our State and are a key part of Maine’s economy. I have met with numerous forest products groups to discuss cross-laminated timber and how this technology could greatly help our State’s forest products industry. I am thrilled to hear today’s announcement and am grateful Maine’s sustainable working forests will continue to provide for many more jobs in our State in the coming years.

LePage Legacy on Welfare Reform
One of Governor LePage’s greatestt accomplishments has been welfare reform. Since he took office, the number of jobs has increased dramatically more as the of working-age adults on welfare has shrunk.

Mainers of nearly all political stripes value work. Deep down we all know we must prioritize taxpayer-funded welfare dollars on people in desperate need, while moving all of our able-bodied to become self-sufficient and even prosperous.

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