Thursday, February 22, 2018

Election 2018: Karin Housley Running to Replace Disgraced Al Franken

This is good news.

I think that Republicans have a chance of sweeping this US Senate Senate.

Besides New England, Minnesota has been the one state impervious to Republican takeover for the last 50 years. The last time that a Republican Presidential candidate won Minnesota was 1972, part of Richard Nixon's 49-State sweep.

Al Franken-Groper
Even Ronald Reagan never won Minnesota both times.

Can a Republican state senator from Washington County flip this seat?

Karin Housley for U.S. Senate
Friend – Who am I?

I am a mom and a small business owner. I will fight to protect jobs. I will fight for our veterans. I will fight for our entrepreneurs, and most importantly, I will fight for you, Friend.
A New Voice in the Senate! Join Karin Housley Today
My dad used to say, "Work hard, play fair, and do the right thing." This motto helped me get things done in Minnesota, and now I am ready to bring my common-sense problem solving to Washington.

I am tired of politicians in Washington that don't get anything done. I am tired of the bitter fighting and political games DC insiders are playing.

Friend, I've heard from your friends, family, and neighbors and they agree. I have traveled all over our state and hear from people time and time again they are tired of business as usual in Washington.

It's time for a new voice in the Senate.

That's why I am running for the seat formerly held by the disgraced United States Senator Al Franken, who resigned late last year – and I will be frank– this is going to be a tough race.

Friend, this is Republicans best opportunity to pick up a seat in the Senate, and Democrats know this. This means that liberal Super PACs are ready to pour millions in this race to keep this seat in the hands of Democrats. That's why I need the support of common-sense conservatives across the country to help us FLIP THIS SEAT!

Will you help by joining my campaign today, Friend? Your gift of $10, $25, $50, $100, or even more today will ensure that I have the funds necessary to flip this seat!

With your support, I know we can overcome the liberal money that will flood Minnesota to keep this seat in the "D" column. I am ready to further my work for the people of Minnesota by heading to Washington to fight for you.

I will be a new voice in the Senate, but I need your help to get there! Please chip in $10 or more today!


Karin Housley
Candidate for U.S. Senate 

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