Sunday, February 18, 2018

Illegal Alien Massacres and Dead Americans--What About Their Dreams?

The press goes nuts over mass gun shootings.

They are horrific, and they are preventable. If state legislatures stopped punishing law-abiding citizens and started going after lawless criminals, our lives would be more secure.

The FBI spent more time going after hoaxes of Trump-Russia collusion, when they should have heeded the repeated warnings about Nikolas Cruz.

There are other preventable crimes taking away our loved in other cases, too:
Kate Steinle had dreams.

So did Ruben Morfin, Dominick Durden, Drew Rosenberg, and thousands of others.

These are unnecessary tragedies.

What about Ronald De Silva, the son of Agnes Gibboney? He was an accidental target in a gang-bang drive-by. Where were his dreams? Why did he have to be gunned down by an illegal alien thug?

These are the stories we need to be talking about, as well as the victims of mentally deranged fanatics with firearms.

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