Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Election 2018: Corey Stewart Calls Out Tim "Gun Grabber" Kaine

“Easy access to weapons of carnage…”
That’s how Senator Tim Kaine describes the Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms.
Tim Kaine and his liberal pals are hellbent to take this right away.
Arthur, our liberties – including the right to keep and bear arms – come from our Creator.
And no government and no man – including Tim Kaine – has the power or authority to take away this right from law-abiding citizens.
That’s why the Founders included the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights in our U.S. Constitution.
It’s not negotiable!
Of course, the liberal media doesn’t like it when conservatives refer to any of our rights as “God-given.”
But I’m not running for office to appease the liberal media and the politically correct crowd.
I’m running for office because I’m sick and tired of liberals like Tim Kaine trampling and shredding our liberties at seemingly every opportunity.  
I’m sick and tired of politicians standing up for illegal immigrants while ignoring the concerns of hard-working American citizens.
I’m sick and tired of politicians blaming law-abiding gun owners for crimes instead of blaming the criminal or criminals who committed the crime.  
And I’m running for U.S. Senate to do something about it.
I believe there is no right more integral to personal liberty than that right guaranteed to us by the Second Amendment.
It really is very simple. 
Self-Defense is a natural-born right guaranteed to us by our U.S. Constitution.
The same Constitution elected officials in Washington take an oath to protect and defend -- and then turn around and shred it to pieces day in and day out in Congress.
As Chairman of the Board in Prince William County, I’ve done all I can do restore gun rights at the local level by eliminating the fees associated with concealed carry permits in the county.
And if elected to the U.S. Senate, you can count on me to fight with the same passion for your gun rights in Washington as I have here in Virginia.
But I can’t get to Washington without your support.
The entire Democrat Machine is lining up to destroy me.
And the GOP establishment is working against me behind the scenes.
Rest assured, I won’t back down.  
I’m in this race to win.
If that’s too much, please consider chipping in $25, $10 or $5 to let me know you’re with me.
I know times are tough for a lot of folks out there.
But I hope and pray you’ll be as generous as you can today.
Click HERE to chip in a donation to let me know you’ve got my back.
Thank you in advance for your support.


Corey Stewart
Republican for U.S. Senate (VA)

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