Wednesday, February 28, 2018

New Mexico GOP: Thank You, State Auditor Wayne Johnson

Way to Go, New Mexico GOP!

We need more state auditors like this guy!

New Mexico was finally blessed with an honest and responsible State Auditor when Wayne Johnson took over that office earlier this year. Today was his last day serving as a Bernalillo County Commissioner and he leaves behind a legacy that will make Bernalillo county great for years to come. 

As he leaves his Commission office tonight, we wanted to highlight some of his achievements over the last 7 years... 
  • He uncovered the Bernalillo County Treasurer's risky investment scheme that cost the county millions of dollars. 
  • He authored the state's toughest transparency ordinance and built a culture of openness at the county level.
  • He fought job-killing policies and supported private investments that create jobs.
  • From the moment he took office, he has worked to make the county more open, accountable, and transparent.
Commissioner Johnson served his community well and we are excited to see him do even more for the State of New Mexico as he continues to serve as it's Auditor. 

To learn more about Wayne Johnson, click here. 

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