Sunday, February 18, 2018

Letters to the Editor: Jordan Peterson Article in

Responses to: Jordan Peterson, Celebrity Intellectuals, and the Counsel of the Ungodly

Thanks for your article on the above. While I agree that one should not take Peterson ‘hook, line and sinker’, I think I’m less concerned with his present fence-sitting. I am confident that if Peterson remains dedicated to the truth, he will find the Truth, perhaps sooner than his stated three years. Many honest truth-seekers have done so, as long as they stay honest (eg Lee Strobel). It would seem that Luke’s gospel came about in that very fashion (Lk 1:3) and even encouraged other “lovers of God” to do the same (v 4). 

--Thomas H.


Hey Arthur, 

I am a new fan of your weekly columns on TownHall. I'm sad that Maxine Waters hasn't been in the national news lately because I thoroughly enjoyed your lampoons on her. Oh I'm sure she'll be back in the news for the sole purpose of impeaching our President. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I have been pleasantly surprised by your last few columns. It's a rare thing to find any columnist who understands biblical theology and quotes its passages accurately. It has been refreshing to read your biblical take on the ills of our secular and depraved society. 

I agree with you whole-heartedly. I have one suggestion for you that may help your readers understand the Bible better. Use a modern translation when quoting scripture. I know that the King James is a great translation but most modern people don't speak the King's English and are a little weirded out by the "thees" and "thous". I propose that you quote from one of these 3: NAS, NIV, NLT.

It might make it easier for your readers to stay interested and actually become more biblically literate than they already are. 

Thank you. 


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