Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Red Alert: Eric Holder is Targeting Wisconsin

Eric Holder's corrupt non-partisan redistricting efforts are now going after Wisconsin. Holders wanted to brainwashing young people to hate guns, so that progressive leftists like him could take guns away and abolish the Second Amendment.

As Attorney General, he was running firearms to Mexican drug cartels through Operation Fast and Furious, which led to the murder of Americans, including border patrol agents. Shame on Holder.

The corruption and malfeasance of Holder's Department of (In)justice is unseemly and unprecedented. Congress held him in contempt for his rampant disregard for the rule of law, even as he refused to prosecute serious gun crimes then politicize the DOJ for President Obama's narrow, corrupt ends.

Now he's moving across the country to undermine Republican political power in state legislatures. His "reforms" to end partisan redistricting are just another naked power grab from the left to undermine the confidence and consequences of local and statewide elections.

Wisconsin is another battleground in which Democrats are hoping to resurge and take back power at the state and then national levels. We must stand our ground against this alien, communistic onslaught against our country.

Republican Party of

BREAKING NEWS: The liberal group led by Eric Holder and supported by Barack Obama is suing Governor Scott Walker!

This is pure political vengeance and we need to fight back.

Support the Republican Party of Wisconsin right now!

Help us fight back against the latest stunt from Holder and Obama with:

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Arthur, we have a real fight on our hands and Holder's group has made it clear that Wisconsin will be ground zero for their political scheming.

They have already targeted the April Wisconsin Supreme Court race and now they are suing Governor Walker.

Please jump in and help us fight back right now.

Thank you,

Mark Morgan
Executive Director

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