Sunday, February 25, 2018

United We Dream Organizes One Last Time Before Their Nightmares Come True

I am so glad that March 5th is almost upon us, and Congress has gotten nothing done in the way of immigration "reform".

I am A-OK with Congress not passing anything until Election 2018, and we get more Republicans elected to federal office

Immigrant youth are organizing day and night to plan our next wave of actions before March 5th and to share our stories about how our lives would fundamentally change if Congress passes the Dream Act. This is what the moment demands.
Our stories have helped mobilize millions of Americans to fight alongside us in solidarity and to pressure members of Congress to support the Dream Act – and this tactic can work again.
Our stories are a powerful tool to win the protection and dignity that we so urgently need, and the clock is ticking. Here’s how you can help make sure our stories make as big an impact as possible:
  1. Listen to and share our stories. If you have a story to share, take one minute to record your own story. We need everyone with us in this fight, including you and your friends and networks. If everyone who gets this email shares our stories, it means thousands more people could join our cause. This only takes a moment.
  2. Make a contribution. Our team can do a lot with a little, but we’re stretched thin doing all the work of collecting, producing, and sharing these stories – on top of planning massive actions that’ll take place next week through March 5th. Every dollar helps us do more in our fight for the Dream Act.
    Contribute $27
    We have come so far in this fight. We’re beyond grateful to the thousands of people who have made calls, donated, shown up to actions, and risked arrest in order to win protection and dignity for our communities. The Dream Act never would have gotten so far without you.
    Trump killed DACA and because of that, 122 immigrant youth lose protection from deportation every single day. That’s 850 every week. And that number will skyrocket after March 5th, the arbitrary deadline that Trump created for Congress to act. This is the next phase of Trump's cruel decision to end DACA, one where even more immigrant youth will lose our protections. This is why it is so important that we fight harder than ever for Congress to pass a Dream Act right now.
    Our window to protect millions from deportation before March 5th is narrowing. But together, our power is great. When we mobilize, I believe there is nothing that we cannot do.
    This is no time to let up. Please lend your support by sharing our stories here, or by making a contribution here.
    Thank you for everything,
    Greisa and the rest of the team at United We Dream

DACA is dead, folks.

I don't think there is anything that Congress can do to resuscitate this program.

President Trump is playing the Democratic Party like a harp from hell, and they just sit their in their inadequacy, unable to pass ... anything.

What fun!

It's about time that illegal aliens of all ages woke up and went home, to their countries of origin. It's of no interest to me if their parents brought them into this country as babies, and they know of no other life than this country.

The parents are responsible for this set-up, not the American people. For decades, we had expected our government to enforce all immigration laws, to stop the flow of illegals across our borders and into our country.

The political class that wants easy votes and cheap labor holds all the blame, not the American public.

As of now, it's time for "Si se puede DEPORT!"

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