Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Right to Work Foundation: Judgment Day for Big Labor is Coming

"Judgment Day for Public Unions"
- The Atlantic

That's just one headline out of hundreds your Foundation is generating, Arthur.

With the oral arguments in your Foundation's Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case just days away, reporters are laying out the massive implications:

"Crushing blow..."

"...cripple Democratic-leaning labor unions..."

"...deal the death blow to public sector unions..."

"...could effectively act as a nationwide right-to-work law for the country's public-sector workers..."

"...labor movement's worst nightmare..."

That's what journalists predict a Supreme Court victory would mean in your Foundation's Janus case.

But it takes more than just press coverage to win at the Supreme Court.

An entire team of your Foundation's experienced attorneys have been preparing for months to present the best legal arguments for the Supreme Court to ultimately rule government sector forced unionism as incompatible with the First Amendment.

Our attorneys worked around the clock to draft legal briefs, research legal documents, respond to union arguments, coordinate amicus briefs, and perfect the arguments our attorneys will present at the nation's highest court.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

We know from past experiences and victories -- victories that paved the way for the current Janus case -- that legal costs can skyrocket amidst a heated battle at the Supreme Court.

In fact, we've seen federal judges calculate the cost of attorney fees to be well over $1 million for similar cases that reach the Supreme Court.

And since union bosses, their forced-dues-backed political allies and their sympathizers in the media have warned the entire progressive movement in this country will "crumble" without Big Labor's forced-dues control over public sector workers. . .

. . . The union bosses are more determined than ever.

Big Labor's legion of lawyers struck back and used use every legal tactic from past cases to delay and draw out the legal process as long as they could.

In fact, one longtime teacher union strategist predicted union lawyers could attempt to to delay the case long enough for a Justice poised to strike down forced dues to 'get run over by a bus.'

Make no mistake, union bosses will try anything to derail our case.

And even at this stage of the process, every curveball Big Labor throws at your Foundation's Janus case will drain more of our resources.

With the oral arguments set to begin next week, it's crucial your National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation reaches our Supreme Court Victory Fund goal of $80,000 by Thursday night's deadline.

Fortunately, a group of very generous supporters has agreed to DOUBLE every contribution, dollar-for-dollar, towards our efforts.

Even if you've already pitched in before, I hope you'll help us close the gap with tax-deductible and matched donation of $15, $25, $50 or more right away.

I really appreciate your support in what is perhaps the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation's biggest Supreme Court case yet.

So please contribute below:


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Mark Mix
President, National Right to Work 

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