Thursday, October 1, 2015

State Senator Ricardo Lara: Victim (Now Perpetrator) of Perverse Agendas

State Senator Ricardo Lara has featured more prominently in California politics, in large part because he has made himself the face of promoting illegal immigration pushing an aggressive piece-meal amnesty for illegal aliens in the state of California.

He pushed drivers licenses for illegal aliens. He has also sponsored granting taxpayer-funded health insurance to illegals, as well.

Now, in Huntington Park, where his state senate office is located, down the hallway from the Huntington Park City Council Chambers, the city has appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions. As a member of We the People Rising, a coalition of concerned citizens and lobbyists demanding enforcement of our immigration laws, I have been fighting hard, along with residents in Huntington Park, to rescind the appointments, remove the city councilmembers from those seats, and make sure that no city every tries to do what Huntington Park attempted to do.

I have learned some other disturbing things about Senator Ricardo Lara.

He boasts about being the first openly homosexual state senator of color in the California state legislature.

He was also molested as a child.

Just awful! This is evil, and now sadly, he is perpetrating a homosexual agenda, which is also evil and abusive. This is not the way to deal with childhood trauma and abuse.

Do not take my word for what I am sharing with you.

In his own words, Lara shares his story, talking about his childhood, the commotion of illegal immigration in his home, and

I am proud to be the first openly gay person of color in the California State Senate. 

What is there to be proud of, really? If people are born gay, then they had nothing to do with it, and therefore nothing to be proud of. If they are not born gay, then homosexuality is a behavior and not an identity, and something which cannot inspire courage in and of itself. As US Senator Rand Paul declared: rights do not belong to behaviors.

I knew at a very young age that I was different.

Oprah Winfrey knew that she was different, too, but it had nothing to do with her sexual behavior or identity. She knew that she was destined for greatness. She even wrote a letter to her third grade teacher stating that she belonged in a higher grade because she was ready for the next level. The teacher promoted her on the spot!

Furthermore, many children feel "different", do not fit in for whatever reason. The problem is that today, many children are receiving license from adults to identify with harmful behaviors, rather than learning the whole truth about the consequences of same-sex conduct.

I knew in elementary school. Why am I more attracted to boys than to girls. When all my friends were trying to find a girlfriend, I didn't feel compelled to do that. So I always felt a little different.

I have heard this line of confusion from other young people. Just because they are not actively seeking and soliciting dates, girl friends, partners, etc. they then think that they are homosexual. This is just more rampant confusion which needs to be rebuked. A sense of shame is pervasive among youth when they are not "just like" their peers, but that kind of thinking cannot justify falsehoods that there is something wrong with an individual youth, or that they must embrace an alternative, even destructive lifestyle.

File:Ricardo Lara 2012.jpg
Ricardo Lara (Neon Tommy)

There is more to this disturbing tale of childhood trauma and pain:

Our home was a place where all the relatives would come.

Relatives could mean "illegal aliens", since the senator did not qualify the status of these "guests".

You would cross the border. You would come stay at my house. They would stay for months, or a  year and move on. The good part is you got to see a lot of family. But it was also very dangerous. 

They could prey on children.

So, Lara's parents permitte all kinds of "family" and other acquaintances into their homes, something like a half-way house for illegal aliens, and included in their ranks were child molesters. Yet pro-illegal alien activists act as though opposition to open borders and amnesty stems from hollow fear-mongering.

The story gets worse:

People say you're gay because you were molested. I think you were molested because you were a target, because I was effeminate, or I was different, I was seen as a prey. So, I had a family member who started abusing me sexually, and that just added to me questioning who I was.

Todd Bridges of the popular TV sitcom "Diff'rent Strokes" endured the same struggle when his press agent molested him. This conduct against young people is just evil, and does more damage than harm the child physically. The emotional, psychological, and mental trauma which follow has to be addressed.

For Senator Lara, instead of seeking proper help and support, he fell into the fraud that "He is gay" and therefore promotes this perverse agenda. What a shame.

Why was this happening to me? In my own home? I was a prisoner. I was pretty much an insomniac in junior high, in my transition to high school. I was trying to understand why this was happening to me. Why me?

Childhood traumas are serious, and the lies which fester in the minds of abuse victims can lead to some startling and false conclusions.

The young Ricardo was a victim. He should never have endured such abuse. His parents broke the law, and put their own son at risk by inviting illegal aliens into their homes, and allowing one of the relatives to molest him.

Unfortunately, instead of seeking help and restoring the truth for himself, he is now aiding and abetting the very perversions which contributed to his terrible abuse. He supports illegal immigration, and is one of the most vocal proponents of the homosexual agenda.

I talked about, I talked into myself "You have something people want, this energy, this light that attracts people, and so maybe they're trying to extinguish that.

He is not clear about what light lives within him, or who is trying to put out that light. Without a doubt, Lara remains a very confused man, an abused boy trying to survive still coping with this horrific pain as an adult.

I don't know. I always talk about this. I don;t know if this was a way for me to cope with all the stuff that was going on around me, to figure out who I was, trying to get through school.

The video clip ends there, but viewers can take away so much, and now understand what drives the state senator's perverse perpetration of two destructive agendas: homosexual activism and illegal immigration.

Another video clip, recorded by citizen Lobbyist Robin Hvidston of We the People Rising, exposes a drag queen party at Lara's Sacramento office. Lara himself runs away as soon as the camera starts rolling. One of the office staffers mocks the citizens: "You're a joke." As if! Not even a Friday, but a Tuesday morning, and Lara's staff are whooping it up, promoting "Gay pride" and a drag queen carrying a large hamburger on a platter. "Our tax dollars at work", Hvidston repeats at length.


Contact State Senator Ricardo Lara's office. Tell him that you regret the terrible pain he went through as a child, but that his childhood pain does not justify his perverse adulthood, promoting Big Homo and Big Amnesty. Tell him to respect the needs of all California and American citizens, stop pandering to the homosexual and amnesty agenda.

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