Thursday, October 15, 2015

More on Civil Asset Forfeiture Fail in 2015

When I learned that Assemblyman Hadley's civil asset forfeiture reform bill -- SB 443 -- failed in the State Assembly, I had to know more about the inroads and the backroom machinations which killed this "no-brainer."

More Democrats than Republicans voted for  -- in favor! -- of this bill than Republicans.

Ugh! I was not the only one lamenting this strange departure from state GOP lawmakers from protecting private property from state seizure.

Flash Report editor Jon Fleischman tweeted:

I'm embarrassed that ANY Republicans would support the taking of someone's legal property by the government without due process.

When will individual voters, homeowners, taxpayers, residents, etc, get their own lobbyists? Not enough people are speaking up for "We the People."

State Senator Holly Mitchell (center) speaks on SB 443 (Hadley is second from the left)

It's to make the clear and present argument: unions do not represent the employees as much as they represent the political leadership and clout of the bosses and their handlers. I agree with the Assemblyman's comments during a press conference on SB 443: "I don't think our police should have to work on commissions."

I also believe, as do many, that no one's property should be taken until proof of commission of a crime.

Hadley has assured me that he is going to keep fighting on this issue:
We will be back on this one, it is a winning issue and more importantly, it is the right thing to do.

Let's hope that more legislators listen to the voters, and more importantly remember and uphold their oath of office during the next legislative session.

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