Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Torrance Democratic Club Endorses the Status Quo

The Torrance Democratic Club is clearly going to endorse Terry Ragins for Torrance Unified School Board.

She has been on the school board for three terms, and is now seeking an unprecedented fourth!

She has been endorsed by every liberal special interest in the city that matters (I suppose. . .),

Including the Torrance Teachers  Association and Service Employees International Union Local 99.

I posted a few comments about Terry Ragins on the Torrance Democratic Club Facebook page, and it appeared at first that the club was endorsing Ragins and Lee.

When I had asked them: "You are endorsing a Republican? Wow!"

Then I got the following response:

"No, right wing GOP blogger Arthur Christopher Schaper, we are preferring Don Lee, the same way that we would choose between John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy" over someone else.

It says a lot right there that the Torrance Democratic club prefers the status quo.

They endorse Terry Ragins, and they will prefer Republican Don Lee.

What has happened to the Democratic Party? They used to be the party of Hope and Change, or at least those were the claims of their current leader, Barack Obama.

Now the party has turned into a club of Old, White people, dead ideas which have been on arrival with their implementation.

This country has endured an unprecedented expansion of the same old state-sponsored interventionism.

Socialism is passe, and way past its prime. Rand Paul is right: "There is nothing cool or sexy about socialism."

It did not work in the late 1970s, and it does not work today.

Old ideas which perpetrate tyranny and special connections at the expense of individual liberty and opportunity are aged agendas.

Liberty, opportunity, limited government, the frustration of the political class and the broadening of working and middle classes: these are the revolutionary models and motives, and we need them brought back to the forefront once again.

I would have no problem voting for incumbents if they are doing their job, protecting our liberties, expanding local control, respecting life and family. The Democratic Party is no longer fighting for those values.

I have spoken with Democrats in Torrance and in other parts of the South Bay., They are not happy with their party. I have spoken with social liberals, and they are fed up with a political party which benefits Big Labor and Big Business but pushes aside the little guy.

What about "We the People"? When will the Democratic Party, whether in Torrance or in Washington DC, start caring about the needs and values of Main Street America again?

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