Saturday, October 10, 2015

Speaker of the House Race: Update

Kevin McCarthy has stepped down.

Jason Chaffetz claims that he will step down from his run if Paul Ryan runs.

Darrell Issa is mulling a run.

So many people, so little time.

What will it take for the American people to get the kind of Speaker who speaks for them?

The several members of the House Freedom caucus have helped conservatives across the country flex their political muscle.

The Chamber of Commerce cronies and the Big Government Left are all running scared.

Now, who should be the next Speaker of the House.

As of now, I support Jason Chaffetz of Utah.

I was both surprised and offended when I heard John McLaughlin call Chaffetz a "centrist" then label Daniel Webster of Florida and Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia "conservatives."

Chaffetz has a 82% with the Heritage Foundation, and a well-known fighter.

As for Paul Ryan, I have heard a number of troubling rumblings about the former Vice Presidential candidate.

He is now pro-amnesty, or certainly in line with the Chamber of Commerce types in Washington DC.

That kind of alliance is no longer acceptable.

What's worse: amnesty pandering Luis Gutierrez of Illinois has openly endorsed Ryan for Speaker of the House.

This is bad news only made worse for Ryan and for the American Republic. Besides, Ryan's Heritage score is lower than McCarthy's, and even Daniel Webster's!

Sorry, but We the People need a Speaker who will speak for us, but more importantly defend the Constitution and stand up to President Barack Obama and his destructive, rogue agenda.

Who will be the next speaker? I hope Chaffetz stays in the race. His fighting style would be better, and he is young. He is the best of the three announced candidates so far.

Paul Ryan has affirmed a number of times that he is not interested in the race or the post. Let us hope that his lack of interest keeps him in place.

One thing is for sure: we need someone who will stop playing like an adult version of a dutiful Boy Scout trying to play by rules which no one can keep, and which are not even in place to begin with. We need someone who can talk to the camera. take up the conservative cause, and take down President Obama and his progressive cronies.

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