Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Call Congress - Vote for Daniel Webster for Speaker of the House

Activists all over the country have not given up the fight.

The conservatives are rising up all over the nation. They are fed up with the moderate attitude of leaders and some lawmakers, who are willing to keep overspending, but just by not as much. There are the critics who shout: "You need to compromise!"

The problem is, however, that since Ronald Reagan, Republicans have been compromising, and the debt gets larger, the spending gets greater, and the government gets bigger.

We have Obamacare today, and beyond that President Obama, who cares only about his agressive, regressive political agenda, absent any regard or restraint from the US Constitution, or respect for the American people.

Compromise is not going to work anymore. Trying to meet in the middle means nothing when the middle has been yanked closer and closer to the left side of the spectrum

So, from Mark Meadows' discharge petition to now, more of "We the People" are making our voices heard.

We don't want amnesty, we don't want corporate bailouts, we don't wan to see more of the state ruining education and bankrupting out future. Too much of the "Give a little, then give a little more" has been the watchword.

All of this has to stop.

Mark Smiley, the former chairman of the Rhode Island GOP, put it so well:

It may take a long time for America to realize how changed it was by the passage of ObamaCare. Before it there were 2 ideologies, Liberal and Conservatives.
Liberals want to build our government up, take care of the people, redistribute wealth.
Conservative wanted to slow the growth down. Let the "Free Market" do what it does best. etc...

When Liberals and Conservatives negotiated, one thing remained constant, government would always grow. "I want more government, you want less government, we meet in the middle and have slower growth."
ObamaCare created a new Conservative, one that will only accept less government. The more centered thinking "Conservative" became Moderates.
I hear the question often "What happened to the good Republicans?" or "The Republican Party is imploding" or "The Republican Party is being taken over by the crazies". Sorry to break the news to you, it's not falling apart. It's just not accepting the constant drumbeat of continual government growth and overreach anymore. Party's change. The Party that did nothing but "sort of" "kinda like" "slow down" the Democrats from doubling the size of government each year are no longer in charge of the Republican Party.
40% of American identify themselves as Conservatives. If you think this isn't true, you've been in New England way too long.

Kurt Schlichter added in his latest column: "Deal With it --- We Conservatives are Here to Stay":

Now is when the adults in the room are supposed to rise from their rocking chairs and send us uppity conservatives to our room without our supper. But instead, we’re going to stay right here and have another cheeseburger. And another beer. And there’s nothing you Chamber of Commerce-kissing, Obama-submitting moderates can do about it.
and then

Here’s the reality. We conservatives have won. And as we exchange our place on the fringes of the party with the RINOs – when the squishes mutter that the GOP they knew is gone, they’re right – we are dealing with a whole new set of challenges. We conservatives now represent the GOP consensus, and power struggles we have seen are our growing pains.
We will get through them. We will prevail. We are the conservatives, and this House is now our house. Deal with it.
How uncanny and fascinating that two well-minded conservatives teased out a key distinction. Moderates and conservatives are facing off, and there is no more room for unprincipled compromise.

With Congressman Paul Ryan now seeking the Speakership, and laying down a host of unconstitutional demands in the process, conservatives are melting the phone lines, telling their Congressional representatives: No on Ryan for Speaker.

I want to encourage all like-minded conservatives, who want a better Speaker who want to end the choke-hold of the Chamber of Commerce on the Republican Party, to stop amnesty and get a real fighter in the House Speakership:

Vote for Daniel Webster for Speaker of the House
The Freedom Caucus formally endorsed Webster, and he has shown that he will listen to them.

Let us send the message loud and clear to every Congressman:

Call these Congressmen ASAP:

Tell them, "Daniel Webster for Speaker, or we will drop you!"

David Brat VA
202-225-2815 Glen Allen 23060

Jason Chaffetz UT
202-225-7751 Provo 84601

Darryl Issa CA
202-225-3906 Vista 92083

Tom McClintock CA
202-225-2511 Roseville 95678

Steve Knight CA
202-225-1956 Santa Clarita (Saugus) 91350

Ed Royce CA
202-225-4111 Yorba Linda 92887

Duncan Hunter Jr. CA
202-225-5672 Temecula 92592

Doug LaMalfa CA
202-225-3076 Auburn 95602

Mike McCaul TX
202-225-2401 Austin 78759

Goodlatte VA
202-225-5431 Lynchburg 24503

Ted Poe TX
202-225-6565 Houston 77018

Justin Amash - Michigan                     
Grand Rapids            49546            202-225-3831

Scott Desjarlais - Tennessee                       
Murfreesboro            37130            202-225-6831

Raul Labrador - Idaho                                   
Meridian                    83642            202-225-6611

Barry Loudermilk - Georgia                         
Atlanta                       30318            202-225-2931

Mark Meadows - N. Carolina                        
Hendersonville         28739            202-225-6401

Mick Mulvaney - S. Carolina                        
Rockhill                     29730            202-255-5501

Scott Perry - Pennsylvania                           
Gettysburg               17325            202-225-5836

Keith Rothfus - Pennsylvania                       
Pittsburgh                15237            202-225-2065     

Matt Salmon - Arizona                                   
Gilbert                        85233           202-225-2635

Mark Sanford - S. Carolina                            
Mount Pleasant         29464           202-225-3176

David Schweikert - Arizona                           
Scottsdale                85251            202-225-2190

Marlin Stutzman -  Indiana                            
Fort Wayne                46802           202-225-4436

Mo Brooks:  202-225-4801

Bridenstine:  202-225-2211

Ted Yoho:  202-225-5744

Weber:  202-225-2831

Poe:  202-225-6565

Huelskamp:  202-225-2715

Lummis:  202-225-2311

Mooney:  202-225-2711

Goser:  202-225-2315

Griffith:  202-225-3861

Harris:  202-225-5311

Hice:  202-225-4101

Posey:  202-225-3671

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