Monday, October 26, 2015

Election 2015 for Hawthorne City Council -- Michelin, Valentine, and L. David Patterson

Alex Vargas should be the next mayor of Hawthorne, CA.

But who should join him on the city council?

Before hearing the three mayoral candidates debate it out on October 22nd, I heard from the seven city council candidates battling for office. Granted, there are eight running for two seats, but one of the candidates, Osvaldo Ramirez, did not show up to debate.

Once again, the October 22, 2015 League of Women Voters forum was beyond impressive. I have attended congressional, state senate, and assembly debates. Not nearly as many people had shown up to those forums compared to the diverse crowd which attended the Ramona School debate.

Two of them are incumbents, and one of them has been a little slow to the game, but is still better than the other four.

I do agree, however, with the Daily Breeze endorsement, which announced their support for Nilo Michelin and L. David Patterson.

Hawthorne needs leadership with experience and engagement.

I am not impressed with Frances Stiglich. She put on a great show at the debate. She had some of the best lines, but much of the time she seemed to be rambling. Sometimes, she did not answer the questions posed to her.

Katrina Manning was impressive, from the way she dressed and address the crowd, to her warmth and outreach. But she has so much union money behind here, including the big billboard promoting her campaign along Rosecrans Blvd. near Inglewood Ave.

Sorry, but not interested.

Haidar Awad. He is young, telegenic, energetic. He has some really bad ideas for the city, however, and judging from the audience's responses to transforming the Hawthorne Mall into mixed-use, with housing for SpaceX employees, the idea fell flat. Charging a vacany fee on unused properties is a terrible idea.

Land owners are struggling as it is to find potential tenants, occupants, contractors and construction. Now a candidate wants to add a tax to their struggle? Wrong idea.

Amie Shepherd. I like this person. She is young and outgoing. She is reaching out and trying to find solutions for the city's problems. I was very disturbed when she informed the audience that someone had thrown a rock at her window. That is wrong.

Besides the three candidates, I found my three choices for Hawthorne City Council the best fit.

Nilo Michelin

Nilo Michelin: He is not part of the problem in the city. He is part of the solution.

He has been part of the solution for a long time. He voted against bad budgets. He showed up to meetings when no one else bothered to, along with fellow councilmember Alex Vargas. He had a clear plan on replacing the city manager, since the last one was terminated for lying to the city.

Olivia Valentine

Olivia Valentine

She made some bad votes in the past, but began voting with Vargas and Michelin when times were getting tough, when the current mayor was behaving badly, and the city manager was thrown out for misleading information and outright deception. I think that with a strong, ethical mayor, plus her background and openness to change, she should stay.

L. David Patterson

L. David Patterson

He has been part of the solution, too. The sitting treasurer, he brought up necessary points about changing building codes and zoning laws. Hawthorne is the City of Good Neighbors. The city should be the city of Welcome Commerce, too. He pointed out the problems and provided good responses to those issues.

Now, there are only two city council seats open for reelection. So why three? If Vargas wins the mayor's seat, someone will have to replace him on the city council. Following Michelin and Valentine, I want Patterson on that city council.

On Election Day, Vote for Michelin and Valentin, then push for Patterson!

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