Friday, October 16, 2015

Call Huntington Park Rogue City Council Member Jhonny Pineda: (323) 356-8967

Huntington Park City Councilmember Jhonny Pineda has an ethics problem, an authority problem, and a host of legal problems.

He sent out deceptive mailers claiming that he was endorsed by the Los Angeles Democratic Party.

He wasn't.

He thinks that he can flout the rule of law, and appoint two illegal aliens to city commissions, then ignore the thousands of legal residents who have done great work for their city, and have every right as well as privilege to sit on city commissions.

He is wrong.

He has looming legal challenges facing him, as well, not just for promoting two illegals to city commissions, aiding and abetting two illegal aliens in the county as well as enabling the process and submission of false documents for a LiveScan. He also hired illegal aliens to work on his city council campaign. He has conspired to violate the constitutional rights of a senior city, and has routinely undermined the Brown Act in public forums.

Huntington Park, CA City Councilmember Jhonny Pineda

He is a law-breaker.

Today, you and I, and everyone else who has been following the activism of We the People Rising, can give Jhonny more than a piece of your mind.

Please call Councilmember Pineda and tell him

1. Rescind the appointments of the two illegal aliens.

2. Step down from your office.

3. Make sure that no other city ever tries to do what you did.

Here is his personal cell-phone number:

(323) 356-8967

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