Saturday, October 3, 2015

Old School Is Out: Time To Fight Anew

John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and even Kevin McCarthy are all part of the Old Boys Club.

They want to make deals.

They want things to "work out" smoothly. They like compromising, and making everyone happy, including themselves. They want to get rich, or step out of office trying. There is no better gig for lawyers and lawmakers than elected official, then lobbyist.

Mitch McConnell especially wants to give the impression that the US Senate is "governing."

However, the rogue in the White House is not playing by the rules, i.e. the Constitution. He does not care about making deals. He wants everything his way, and will destroy the constitutional program in the process.

Government is about restraint, restraint of the federal government, and liberty for the individual states and the people. For anyone who disagrees, feel free to read the last two amendments in the Bill of Rights.

Barack Obama needs to be stopped. His overreach and executive frauds cannot be tolerated.

Old School

The "Washington Cartel" does not understand this.

Let's go one step further: they do not care.

Boehner and Co. wanted amnesty, and they did not care if the President got away with it or not. McConnell and GOP leadership depend on major funding from large donors like the Chamber of Commerce and other large corporate firms.

Their interests are particularly out of step with the needs and views of the American public.

They do not want unfettered amnesty. They do not support "Gay marriage" or abortion, either.

They want limited government, individual liberty, and constitutional governance.

The Old School approach to Congressional representation, where there was a dime of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, is long gone.

The Republican base is rising up, the Tea Party element forced this change. The power of Big Business is losing its grip on Washington. Crony capitalism is taking hit after hit on its influence. New representatives are disrupting business as usual.

Old School is out. It is time to Fight Anew! It's time for a New School of fighting, one where confrontation is the norm, not compromise and accomodation.

Republicans today need to wake up and recognize that they are not working with someone who loves this country, who wants what is best for the American people. He has a vision, a fundamental transformation of this country. There is no compromising, no negotiating with such a narrow, arrogant vision of American and its political culture.

Time to get back to fighting for what matters, not getting by and hoping to escape out of office with more than you had at the beginning. Old School, Old Boys Club governance is out.

It is Time to Fight Anew!

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