Monday, October 26, 2015

Torrance High School Student Danny Lim Opposes Common Core

Yesterday, I eblasted a post blasting Common Core, and urging Torrance voters to support Clint Paulson and Rick Marshall for Torrance School Board.

On one Facebook Group Page, Californians United Against Common Core , a student named Danny Lim left the following comment:

As a current high school senior in Torrance, it would surprise you that I'm concerned about the consequences of Common Core or even in this group to begin with. Wish I could vote for those candidates for school board, but I'm 17 (oh well).

Students and parents oppose Common Core. Should that not be enough?

Witness also another limitation of local politics infiltrating education in general. The students are the primary consumers of public education, yet they have absolutely no say in who education they receive, or the proper implementation of curriculum.

At any rate, we need parents and concerned citizens sitting on school boards, affirming the primary purpose of education, to better our students and communities to American values with competitive skills for a widening, globally competitive world.

Torrance Parents, Teachers, and Students deserve better.

Stop Common Core, and return to Torrance Unified School District's previous, better standards.

On November 3rd, 2015, vote for Clint Paulson and Rick Marshall for Torrance School Board.

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