Saturday, October 31, 2015

For Lennox School Board: Enio Melgar

Lennox residents won't have a lot of great choices for their school board race this year.

Angela Fajardo foments racial strife. I used to work at Centinela Valley, and she served as the assistant principal at Lawndale High School at the time.

She enabled students to be abuseive and disrespectful to teachers.

I also recall

The Daily Breeze' former Education reported, Rob Kuznia, uncovered a great deal of dysfunction at the School District, including nepotism, and allegations that some of the board members were not even legal citizens.

Check out these allegations from the former Superintendent:

The Aug. 6 letter from Superintendent Barbara Flores, which was obtained Monday by the Daily Breeze, says board members Marisol Cruz and Mercedes Ibarra maneuvered to make at least a half-dozen personnel changes on a day when she missed work due to an illness. On that day — Aug. 2 — Cruz and Ibarra allegedly directed the district’s deputy superintendent, Kent Taylor, to make the changes.

Flores has since left the district for who knows where.

The election ended with Marisol Cruz out on her butt:

Voter turnout for the recent race to fill three seats on the Lennox school board might have been low, but the election results were pointed — and the ramifications are significant.

In a single night, voters issued a referendum on a year of extreme turmoil in the tiny, low-income K-8 district tucked in the shadow of the Los Angeles International Airport. The Lennox electorate effectively fired the two incumbents — Marisol Cruz and Sonia Saldana — who were part of the three-member majority that brought about much controversial change.

The changes were controversial, indeed, with heated personal attacks against staff and parents. The community was so unhappy with the politicking going on in the school board, that they threw out two of the incumbents, and only one of them barely made it.

Over the course of the last year in Lennox, a narrow majority of the board has ushered in a polarizing superintendent, received a reprimand by the county’s district attorney for holding illegal secret meetings, presided over an organization that has been riven by politics and denied the request of the community’s prized charter high school — Lennox Math, Science and Technology Academy — to break away from the district.

Now, the new board makeup — which takes effect next month — raises intriguing questions about the fate of that superintendent, Barbara Flores, who has been on medical leave since late August.

The new power base also raises the possibility of a do-over in the secession effort of the Lennox Academy, whose teachers and students are said to have campaigned vigorously against the two fallen incumbents.

The high-ranking, nationally renowned Lennox Academy wanted out of Lennox School District. Does that not say enough about how bad the school board leadership had become? That poor leadership included Marisol Cruz.

Now Cruz wants back on the board from which she was thrown.

Don't these politicians get it? The residents do not want them! They want someone else!

Lennox deserves better than what they have on that board, and residents threw out two of the incumbents two years ago.

Marisol Cruz is a brazen, La Raza style politician, one who wants to push some liberal agenda rather than doing what is best for the students. She even boasts the endorsements of anti-reform SEIU and the Los Angeles Democratic Party. Really?

Lennox School District is also dealing with issues of violence against students, too. One young lady had to leave the district following a vicious attack from fellow students, followed by claims that the district staff and school personnel did nothing to stop the beating.

Unfortunately, Lennox residents will only have one choice for an outsider, a challenger.

That person should get all the votes.

On November 3rd, 2015, I hope that Lennox residents vote for Enio Melgar

Enio Melgar for Lennox School Board.

Please do not allow Angela Fajardo back on the Lennox School Board, either.

Hold your nose, and vote for Mercedes Ibarra, then start a recall and get rid of her next time.

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