Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Indicted Assessor Indicts Huntington Park City Council

Long-time citizen and legal resident Betty Retama, also know as Huntington Park Betty, has worked tirelessly to expose the Huntington Park City Council's corrupt shenanigans and misconduct.

Sadly, the city of Perfect Balance has had an imbalance of malfeasance and bad leadership in and around the city for years.

Former city councilmember and mayor John Noguez, now under indictment for corruption during his tenure as LA County Assessor, has been following what is going on in the city, too.

A number of citizens have called him out for creating the mess and morass of disruption and dysfunction dominating the current city council. Yet in the past two weeks, he has been popping up in the city once again, and has been asking questions.

John Noguez

For a man whom many residents, and many readers throughout the county, consider a crook and a fraud, he seems to be distressed about the financial status of his former city.

He spoke to Huntington Park Betty, and she related to me what he told her before the last city council meeting on September 21st.

"He told me that he was in a hurry. He gave me his phone number."

Noguez then said to Betty: "When I left office, there was money there. What have they done with the money?"

He also said to Betty: "I know that I can count on you."

Former HP Mayor and LA County Assessor Noguez realizes that things are bad, things are worse than they have ever been before.

He is very concerned about what is happening in Huntington Park.

If even the indicted public figures are worried about this city, that can only spell trouble for a city council already under fire

The city was not bankrupt by the time Noguez left for higher office, and now it is going belly up?!

How strange indeed: an indicted former assessor is making harsh assessments of his own city, and indicting the current city council.

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