Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tell Torrance School Board Candidate Don Lee: STOP Mis-Lee-ding Torrance Residents! (310) 345-0071

Embattled Torrance School Board Incumbent Don Lee released a false and misleading mailer, claiming that he is the only officially endorsed Republican School Board Candidate.

Rick Marshall was also endorsed by the Los Angeles County Republican Party as well as the California Republican Assembly.

One resident, Arthur Plourde, informed me that he received the mailer from Don Lee's campaign today.

He then sent out an email requesting a cease and desist letter to an LA County Republican Party official:

Greetings and Hello Mark:

    This is URGENT!  There is a candidate for the upcoming election here in Torrance for the School Board next week sending out flyers with an endorsement of the Republican Party of L A County on them and I don't think your organization has done this.  Can you please verify if you have endorsed the current Chairman of the Torrance School Board, Don Lee for reelection.  He has now sent out two mailings to the voters in this election with this information on it.  If this is not in fact TRUE I ask that you contact him immediately and give him a CEASE and DESIST order or else tell him you will seek an injuction to prevent him from using the L A County Replican Party name and logo on his materials now and in the future.  It is almost too late in the game now as the election is Tuesday the 3rd of November.

      However the candidates opposing this sitting member think they can put out a robo call with the truth if you can confirm that your organization has not given this candidate the endorsement he claims to have!  Please call Don Lee at 1 310 345-0071 and tell him NO MORE Mailings with your logo or words to state that the Republican Party of Los Angeles County is endorsing him.  Thank you!
Tell Don:
Stop Mis-Lee-ding
Torrance Residents!
Let's set the record straight:
School Board candidate Don Lee sent out a deceptive mailer. Period.

Other claims on Don Lee's mis-lee-ding mailer include these statements:
"Don Lee implemented new technologies to fingerprint all campus visitors and keep our campuses safe."
Residents in the city and volunteers, including of the candidates, Clint Paulson, have affirmed that this is not true.
He must either retract his statement, or issue an apology.
The Measures T and U Bonds were promoted on the premise that the entire community would have access to the new Aquatic Center. Then the incumbent school board members turned around and declared that the center would be open to swim meets and competitive teams.
Frankly, it would be better if Lee just dropped out of the race altogether. How much more misleading information will Torrance residents continue to tolerate from their elected officials?
Please call Torrance School Board candidate Don Lee, and tell him:
STOP MIS-LEE-DING Torrance Residents!


  1. One more to add. Latest mailer from today states " protects our community " while the following cases took place under his watch!
    1. PTA president at Towers arrested for having oral sex with W. High football players
    2. Convicted child molester allowed to volunteer in Anza Kindergarten (2009)
    3. Wrestling coach accused of molesting a boy 10 years ago but other than reporting it to TPD nothing happened until we are now facec with 27 children molested (2014)
    4. Incoming head basketball coach at W. High arrested for sex (or was it rape) of a 15 year old Hermosa Beach co-ed.
    5. Chess tutor who volunteered at Victor Elem. was arrested for molesting some of his students. Were the kids at Victor lucky enough to escape his clutches?
    6. Cheerleading coach at South High 2012

  2. Don Lee voted to approve the use of Modified Hydrofluoric Acid at the Mobil Torrance Refinery when he was on the Torrance City Council. And just look
    at the problems he created.