Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Comments to the Hermosa Beach City Council: October 27th, 2015

Good Evening, Hermosa Beach City Council and residents:

My name is Arthur Schaper, a resident of Torrance, CA, and a long-time writer and reported on events timeless and timely, political, cultural, and eternal.

Hermosa Beach has some of those timeless and timely qualities, high-performing schools, great weather, a beautiful beach front.  The city has also faced pressing issues on maintaining those good schools and a high quality of life without going over budget or facing bankruptcy.

There is an ugly side to Hermosa Beach showings its face, too however. I am not talking about Big Oil, or the E and B operations which would have brought millions of revenue to this city.

The Big Green Agenda, which has shown its face bullying face again and again in this city.

Not just in social media, but activists or perhaps domestic terrorists,  trespassing on individual residents’ property, vandalism, defacing of lawn signs has become the norm in this otherwise peaceful town.

For all the Environmental activists who chant about ending the abuse, and “Stomp Out Bullying”, one would that think that would follow their own advice.

There are two clear political targets of this Big Green Bullying, which has included lies, attacks, and outright slander: Trent Larsen and Ken Hartley

In spite of the fear-mongering and petty intimidation, I am not afraid to stand before this council and declare: I support two candidates for Hermosa Beach city Council: Trent Larsen and Ken Hartley.

They know about the problems facing the city: pension liabilities, sewer repair, maintaining law and order, peace and safety in this city.

They understand that city councils exist to serve the best interests of all residents, not just the interest groups who shout the loudest, or intimidate the most.

City councils should not be was ting time on banning Styrofoam, or plastic bags. Really? What did a plastic bag ever do to you or me? Plastic Bans are useless and unnecessary, needlessly divisive, or simple political diversionary tactics used to promote desperate politicians in long-shot elections.

I recognize that Trent Larsen and Ken Hartley respect the needs of this city and the community.

A beautiful Hermosa Beach, free of  illiberal Big Green bullying and empty forays into environmentalist fantasies, is a beautiful thing for every community in the South Bay.

On November 3rd, I ask Hermosa Beach residents  to vote for Trent Larsen and Ken Hartley for Hermosa Beach City Council.

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