Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Update on House Speaker Race

So, the House Republicans is going to replace John Boehner.

The good news: Boehner, who began doing the bidding of the Chamber of Commerce rather than We the People, has been forced out. He was willing to push for immigration “reform”, even though the government needs to enforce the law. Radio hosts and commentators alike worked hard to expose the GOP leadership’s key intent on pushing more government to favor donors and benefactors, instead of doing right for the benefit of the entire country.

From amnesty to corporate welfare, to easy tax cuts without requisite reductions in spending, the Chamber of Commerce and their K Street allies have contented themselves to lobby for their own good, at the expense of the general welfare.

Boehner is gone, and everyone in this country owes a special thanks to Congressman Mark Meadows of North Carolina.

Now, for the longest time, the replacement for any speaker usually fell to the Majority Leader. As everyone has been paying attention for the last year, grassroots conservatives in Virginia threw out the previous Majority Leader, Eric Cantor. California’s Kevin McCarthy took over next.
More of the same ensued. Congress would pass just enough to keep government functioning, continuing the hastened agenda of the Occupant in the White House, with no attempts to force hard vetoes are put the Democrats in a bad position, voting against policies and proposals which the vast majority of Americans favor.

Then came the better news: Boehner’s hand-picked successor, Kevin McCarthy, dropped out. Whether for lack of support on the floor, or for illicit activities behind closed doors, the would-be Speaker left in a squeaker.

Conservatives are facing a new dilemma: it’s one thing to get rid of bad leaders. It is quite another matter to find a leader who speaks for We the People, defends the Constitution, to engage his colleagues and challenge his opponents.

Paul Ryan for Speaker?
Now comes the not-so-good news: who will replace Boehner now?

Jason Chaffetz was my first pick. He stood up to Democrats and brought a confrontation game to the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee. Yet within hours of McCarthy bowing out, and rumors of other candidates running, Chaffetz signaled his departure in turn.'

Who is the rumored leader to come? Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the former Vice Presidential candidate in 2012, has been picked if not outright forced to run for Speaker.

Voters and activists throughout the country are more alarmed than ever.

Conservatives want a House Speaker who not only obeys the law, but requires the same from a rogue President, whose executive orders have undermined the rule of law while hurting the policies and purposes of the United States.

As conservative activists, right-wing bloggers, and New Media news affiliates comes the records and actions of Congressman Paul Ryan, they find a Big Business advocate who wanted open borders, higher immigration levels. These outcomes are anathema to a growing number of voters, millions of whom are struggling to find work.

Ryan also strikes many as a flighter, not a fighter. Vice President Joe Biden interrupted and tripped up his remarks repeatedly during their 2012 debate. While the Wisconsite has talked big numbers and hunkered down on the nation’s debt crises, he has also marched in lock-step with Big Government proposals, too, like George W. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” program – which has left many children behind, expanding bureaucracy without increasing American youth’s education skills or prowess.

The Daily Signal shared a list of alarming votes and values behind Ryan, too.

Republicans were unhappy with eight years of Bush, during five of which both chamber of Congress did what he wanted: more spending, more waste, lacks of transparency and accountability. Conservative insurgents who have vented their frustration into the Tea Party Movement, the Freedom Caucus, and other ‘non-partisan’ groups are not looking for a repeat of decades past.

Individual liberty, limited government, and constitutional rule all have to mean something, or the conservative party in this country while have nothing left to conservative, as voters will recognize that they have been conning the voters during campaign time, only to serve special interests – the Chamber of Commerce, labor unions, insurance companies, lobbyists left and right.

The fight over Speaker of the House represents also the rugged action of the states and the people against a bloated, bloviating federal government, whether ruled by Democrats or Republicans. The next Speaker of the House must abide by rules in which the People’s Chamber serves the needs of the people, as reflected in our nation’s founding charter.

Regardless of whomever takes up the gavel, the fighting members of Congress, and their restive cohorts across the country, should review and demand the Ten Conditions outlined by Congressman David Brat, the conservative academic who ousted the would-be Speaker Eric Cantor in 2014.

Paul Ryan is not my first pick for Speaker. Still let us not forget that the fight for liberty requires eternal vigilance, anyway.  The Speaker of the House must speak for the House members, and We the People must constantly force our representatives to speak for us, our rights and our values.

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